With the 2018 NFL Draft now in the books and with time having passed on the Cleveland Browns decision to draft former 2017 Heisman Trophy winner in quarterback Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma, I have a simple message for my fellow Dawgs in the Dawg Pound.

Get over it!

If there is one thing I’ve learned since the Browns selected Mayfield No.1 overall is that there are three things in life that are certain, death, taxes an that Browns fans are NEVER happy.

As a member of numerous Browns fan pages across Facebook, and being one of the most knowledgeable and articulate Browns bloggers around, I swore that by the aggregate reaction from Browns fans was Mayfield snatched their women like beleaguered Cavs center Tristan Kardashian—nee Thompson—snatches models off of IG.

For weeks, fans debated and argued over the measurables of Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen—even Lamar Jackson’s name was brought up a few times, but one universal area of argument was that Mayfield was a punk, too small, Johnny Manziel 2.0, immature and that he disrespected out fellow Ohio State Buckeyes down in C-Bus following a Sooners win.

I mean, HOW DARE HE! The nerve, right?

Personally, I feel that whatever quarterback that the Browns ended up picking, there would have been some form of collective moaning and whining from the shores of Lake Erie.

If Darnold would have been picked, you would heard griping from Browns fans such as “Look how bad Ohio State made him look” or “When’s the last time USC produced a quality NFL QB!”

If Rosen would have been taken No.1 you would have heard comments such as “He’s a spoiled and entitled Millenial” “He doesn’t want to play here” “He had two shoulder injuries, and didn’t play in his team’s bowl game”

And for Allen you would have hear complaints such as “He’s a project!” “He’s inaccurate” and statements such as “You don’t take a guy who completed on 56 percent of his passes No.1 overall”

Again, Browns fans are the proverbial Negative Nancy’s when it comes to NFL QB’s

I mean I can’t blame them since Cleveland made such boneheaded and head-scratching moves in passing on Big Ben, Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. But to unless such hate, venom and vitriol over who the Browns DO take is border-line atrocious.

Like a vast majority of Dawgs, I’m also a die hard Ohio State fan, and seeing the short-sighted logic applies towards Darnold’s performance in the Cotton Bowl and the hate towards Mayfield for what he did is both immature and straight asinine.

Do these Buckeye fans so conveniently forget that Ohio State sang their alma mater in front of Oklahoma’s student section down in Norman? Considering the type of competitor that Mayfield is, you shouldn’t have been shocked when he played with a chip on his 6’1 shoulder down in the Horseshoe right?

Amazon is going to have a record day of sales in shipping Ben-Gay to all of those butthurt crybabies, still moaning about it now.

It’s not even been a week since the draft, and while some have come to grips with Mayfield now being a Brown, you still have a group of fans moaning about Cleveland taking Saqoun Barkley or Bradley Chubb At No.1 instead.

Get over it!

Cleveland has passed on blue chip talent for almost a generation now and have paid the collective price for it, Mayfield has the best attributes of being a success in terms of leadership, accuracy, production and experience than any of the fore mentioned QB’s, plus with the NFL moving towards more smaller and mobile QB’s it was the best choice.

Surely my fellow Dawgs will disagree with this blog, if so, then the Dawgfather will be glad to have more than a few words with you.

Let’s get BAKED!

Go Browns!

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