deter COVID-19 Infections

The Covid-19 infections are rising at a rapid rate. The virus was discovered in December-January but it has been found to be fast-spreading, with millions affected around the world. Anyone could be infected and not everyone shows symptoms. The virus can be transmitted via infected droplets that can stay on surfaces. So, what should the first line of defense be?

The answer to deter COVID-19 Infections is quite simple – hygiene. There are also some guidelines issued by the WHO on what must be done to safely complete tasks and behave outdoors. Here a few things you can do make sure that you are safe from the infection at your end. Also, make use of Healgen Antigen Test Kit to detect the presense of Covid-19 antigens in your body.


Cleaning and washing is the first step in preventing the infection. Washing hands is the basic step for prevention. Seems trivial but this our first line of defense. The infection can spread through our hands as we touch different surfaces and then our face mouth or nose. So, hands must be washed and cleaned frequently. The guidance is that soap must be rubbed all over the hand and then washed; the whole process must be undertaken for at least 20 seconds. Similarly, frequently touched surfaces and worn clothes must be cleaned and washed.


One must understand that cleaning and sanitizing are two different things. Sanitization is done by using a disinfectant and are commonly used on surfaces and common items. For example, lift buttons are a common surface and must be sanitized and wiped down. Although the virus can’t live outside the human body, studies have shown that it does survive for some time on certain surfaces. Better to be safe and wipe down surfaces with disinfectants.

Wearing masks and Sanitize them

deter COVID-19 Infections

When out in public, one must wear masks that cover the mouth and nose. This is to protect yourself and others around you. One could be infected and asymptomatic and a mask can be a good preventive measure to keep others safe. Try reusable masks so that the environment isn’t harmed via use and throw ones. Masks can be sanitized and one of the ways is to use a mask disinfectant spray. A good example is the Aroma Floreeze spray by EBODIO which can be used to disinfecting face masks safely. It is made up of various essential oils and lactic acid bacteria that helps you prevent infections on your mask or fabrics.


When outside, it has been advised to maintain a distance of at least 2-3 feet from others. You never know how and when an infected droplet can land on you, so keeping distance is a good practice. This way you don’t transfer germs from one person to the other. Maintaining distance is one of the best ways to deter COVID-19 Infections.

Avoiding large gatherings

It is extremely important to avoid large gatherings at this time. As mentioned earlier, several people could be infected and asymptomatic or could display symptoms later. Avoiding a large gathering can be one very good way of ensuring that you don’t get infected.

Wrap up

If for some reason you get a cold and cough, there is no need to panic. First, make sure that you aren’t coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth. Instead of using your hands, try the elbow nook. Don’t touch your face without washing hands. Soap and water are the best, but if you don’t have that, then a hand sanitizer with 60% or more alcohol should be used. It is ok to not wear a mask if you have breathing difficulty but you need to observe other safety measures and not leave your house.

Try to be at home and meet only limited family. You will, of course, have to make grocery runs so going out could be a necessity. However, if you follow social distancing and hygiene along with wearing a mask, you should be ok. Wash your outside clothes and change when you come home. Don’t be afraid of the disease but don’t be lax either and believe that things will be ok.


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