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San Antonio Spurs: Is LaMarcus Aldridge still missing the point?

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According to NBA Rumors, The San Antonio Spurs and LaMarcus Aldridge may be going through a little marital rift. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Aldridge was the star over in Portland but Damian Lillard, being the younger of the two was given the keys to the team while Aldridge was forced out. To be honest, Aldridge wasn’t pushed out, he felt disrespected and decided to look elsewhere.

He might find himself in the same situation. It’s no secret that NBA stars have egos, and I’ve always pegged Aldridge as a good guy until he bolted for San Antonio due to issues with management and his unwillingness to play second fiddle to Lillard. But, when he signed with the Spurs he did so thinking that the team would build around him and Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs went in another direction. When Tim Duncan retired, the team signed Pau Gasol and what was to be a Leonard and Aldridge attack just turned into a three-headed monster on the blocks.

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Now, if the rumors are true and he’s complaining then we know what will happen. This is a non-issue where Gregg Popovich is concerned. He does not tolerate any player thinking he’s above the name on the front of the jersey. If Aldridge is uncomfortable then Pop will quietly push him out the door and get players that understand the team concept.

The Spurs can trade Aldrige for either a PG or SG easily. The Phoenix Suns have an abundance of backcourt players and so does the Boston Celtics. But the point that Aldridge may be missing is that it takes a TEAM to win a title. He made the mistake once when he left Portland and he looks to be repeating himself now with the Spurs.

At some point, he will realize that the Spurs brought in Gasol to counter what the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have done. It’s superior talent on both teams as all players have conceded to the concept that winning trumps everything. I expect this type of behavior from a rookie, not a seasoned vet.

If this can’t be worked out then an Aldridge for Eric Bledsoe deal could be the Spurs best option.

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