If the National Football League is going to take helmet-to-helmet, hits to the heads, and concussions seriously, missed calls need to become nonexistent. The San Francisco 49ers were fortunate today that George Kittle did not suffer one.

Unfortunately this is the third time this season that a 49ers player has not gotten an obvious call. Interestingly enough two of the three misses were by the officiating crew in today’s wild card game.

Back in week 13 running back Elijah Mitchell suffered a concussion against the Seattle Seahawks.

In week 18 49ers punter Mitch Wishnowsky took a vicious hit against the Los Angeles Rams. The result a concussion he was back this week after going through the protocols to get back on the field. Here’s the play.

For Kittle he was making an attempt to catch a low throw from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo that actually hit the ground first. The play went on and nearly got called a fumble recovery by the Dallas Cowboys before the officials conversed and ruled the pass incomplete.

What was blatantly obvious though was Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs jumping and making helmet-to-helmet contact with Kittle. A flag needed to get thrown, the result a first down and 15 yards. Yet nothing came.  That non-call changed the course of the game. . 

Here is a look at the play.

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