Let’s talk about something the mainstream media is too afraid to touch. Why, you might ask? Well my readers, were gonna talk about it because it is literally the most important topic in the entire world, and I am sick and tired of everyone pretending it’s not.

The media wants to cover viruses, politics, Black Lives Matter and celebrity affairs, but refuses to touch the topic of human trafficking. I am in no way discrediting or denying the importance of these topics, but face it, THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT than anything else or anyone else.

The media and news wants to paint a less harmful picture of child and human trafficking to the public and keep us sheltered from the truth. I disagree with that method completely. We as a whole, not just men, not just women, not just parents, but as an entire species need to know the truth and wake up! So I’m not going to post my usual content warning, I want every single one of you to read this and share it and raise your voices!

As of 2019, every 92 seconds a child is sexually abused. 1 in 4 male victims report being abused before the age of 10 years old. 8 out of 10 abusers are someone the victim knows, that is also statistically recorded as 93% over all. 69% of victims are between the ages of 12 years old and 34 years old. That means that 31% are under the age of 12 and older than 34 years old. Many of the adults in this case have been being abused since childhood and are part of human/sex trafficking.

82% of victims of sex trafficking are children. Now let me burst that media bubble of safety for you. The media wants you to view children involved in sex trafficking as 12-17 years old. Why? Because the real, raw, brutal truth is so painful to hear. The truth is that victims can be as young as seconds old. That’s correct, there are women being groomed to have children specifically for this purpose. Born and passed off to the cold arms of their abusers to be dead within moments.

This sexual violence that results from these scenarios are recorded and viewed millions of times a day online by sexual predators all over the world. Can you imagine an innocent baby born and before he/she even opens their eyes for the first time they are met with excruciating pain and internal injuries resulting in death, specifically for the digital gratification of some pedophile across the world for the price of a few dollars? Tell me, is that something you can just ignore? Can you sleep at night now? I know I can’t.

Over 25 million images and videos are viewed a year as of 2016. That is 480,769 views a week. 78.30% of those images and videos are of children under the age of 12 years old. And if that didn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, 63.40% of those images and videos are of children under the age of 8 years old. 19% are young boys, 81% are young girls.

Some of these children have been groomed to truly believe this is a game they are playing, that nothing bad is happening, that this is love and that they are showing their love by doing these things. How absolutely disgusting is that thought?

Where do these images and videos come from? Well my friends that is a sad story too. 18% of this content is made by a parent or guardian of the victim. 25% comes from neighbors or other trusted adults in these victims lives. 18% stems from online enticement or social media vetting, I’ll get into this in a moment. And lastly 39% of this content comes from trafficking, these predators literally force these children to make this content that is sold at a low price via the dark web and other platforms for image sharing.

Now back to the online enticement, let me explain what this means. Imagine a sweet child playing on Snapchat, or Facebook, or another social media platform. They are talking to another kid their age (or maybe the predator is brave enough to use their actual age) and convinces this child that he/she is so mature for their age, and so beautiful or handsome.

They begin the manipulation after they gain the child’s attention using phrases that suggest that the child is in control of the conversation such, as “I’m probably too old and ugly for someone like you” leaving this child feeling the need to cheer the predator up or make them feel better.

At that point they predator will do whatever is necessary to coerce the child into sending photos, or videos. Usually getting more graphic in nature over time, going from sexual posing, to removing clothing, to performing sexual acts on themselves. The predator may specifically only want these images, but in most cases the predator eventually will try to entice the child into meeting in person, resulting in the child being attacked, killed, or trafficked and sold.

Now many of these children don’t live long enough to ever see freedom again. A lot of them are either sold as they have “aged out” and end up dead, or are manipulated and groomed to become adult victims or part of the trafficking operation themselves. Thats right, some victims are groomed to help lure new victims. We can’t even trust a child not to hurt our children anymore because this issue has gotten so out of control and been ignored for so long that it has just increasingly worsened!

However… the people are waking up! Finally, we as a species, every nationality, every religion, every color, every background, are all coming together and uprising in the name of this cause! On social media the hashtags #SaveOurChildren and #BreakTheSilence are blowing up, trending with more than a million uses a day.

There are Facebook groups popping up left and right in support of the cause, I will link them at the bottom for you to access easily. Finally someone is saying something, doing something. After all these years people are finally sick and tired of sitting by waiting for someone else to do something. Millions of people all over the world are speaking out! Victims are coming forward and sharing their experiences! The collective WILL BE HEARD!!!

Its a day of reckoning for those hurting children, this is a war against the immoral and soulless. It is a bad time to be one of these disgusting monsters making money and finding gratification in the corruption of our youth! WE WILL FIGHT AND WE WILL DEFEND OUR FUTURE, AND CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE!!!

So stand with us, speak out, share your voice and speak for the ones being silenced. Together we can win this war, together we can force the world to stop living in ignorance and wake up to the issues at hand! We can save lives and bring justice to the lives lost. It starts with us, it starts with you.

#SaveOurChildren #BreakTheSilence

Till next time,

Brittany Says




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