Sean Spicier

As I have grown up, my parents always told me to think before I speak. Maybe, someone should have told that to the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicier. He was doing his daily briefing at the White House on Tuesday. During which he decided to compare Adolf Hitler to Bashar al- Assad of Syria.

When the question arose about how Russia may have known about the chemical attacks in Syria last week, Spicier decided to stretch the comparison to Nazi Germany. Spicier said on Tuesday, “Adolf Hitler didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons during World War 2.” He also said, “You had someone who was despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” He did not use chemical weapons in the battles of World War 2; he used gas chambers to exterminate the Jewish people.

First, when you are in school, they teach you about what Hitler did to the Jewish people of Europe during World War 2. I think Sean Spicier either was absent from class that day or just forgot. What irks me about this is as a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, I find this disturbing. When it comes to politics, they teach you not to compare anyone or anything to Adolf Hitler.

After Spicier had already dug his hole after making that comment, he would continue to dig his own hole. A reporter asked him to clarify what he meant with his comment, it made the situation worse. He said, “I think when you come to sarin gas, he is not using it on his own people the same way Assad is doing.” However, he continued to show how he does not think before he speaks. As he would also say that, he brought them into the Holocaust centers. So he is saying that the concentration camps that housed a plethora of people as a Holocaust center.

I personally feel this is incredibly foolish, but not a shocker. Since the Trump Administration has been in office, they seem to like to stick their foot in their mouths. So deep that it comes out the other end.

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