The Seahawks shocked the sports world ladt night by reaching for a running back on day one that some experts had projected as late as the fifth round. Yes, it may have been a gamble in the eyes of the critics but Penny has the exact tools the Seahawks offense is missing to get themselves back toward the top of the league.

Seattle’s offense became very pedestrian when they lost their power running game after Marshawn Lynch retired two seasons ago. It became very apparent that they needed a guy who could pound the ball up the middle to take pressure off of Russell Wilson and the passing game. Last season they appeared desperately in need of someone to fill that role and after last night, it looks like Penny could definitely be that player.

“I don’t mind telling you, this pick fired me up.” Head Coach Pete Carroll said, after his team made the selection.

Penny finished fifth in the Heisman voting last season after leading the nations with 2,248 rushing yards and scoring 23 touchdowns on 289 carries. Carroll expects him to have an immediate impact as a three down back for the Seahawks.

Yes, it clearly was a gamble for a squad with a lot of needs to fill in this draft but he seems to be a perfect match for a team desperate to improve their run game. If Penny turns out to be the player Carroll and the Seahawks think he can be, this could go down as the steal of the draft.

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