sticky chai

Where there is tea, there’s delightfulness!

Tea presents a bundle of joy in the normal hectic life. For a tea lover, it is not merely an edible but a fountain-head to feel love and bliss. You will be astonished to know that there are around 20,000 distinguished varieties of tea in the world. However, if you are wishing to enjoy the sipping without caffeine hangover, sticky chai will be a thoughtful option. It’s a perfect substitute for regular coffee and presents a warming effect on the body.

Jump in and know more to enjoy the divine brew!

What is Sticky Chai and Why Would You Like To Have It?

An aromatic blend of natural spices, black tea, and a little sweet brewed with milk is a natural form of chai tea. This magical flavor has been consumed for years as traditional masala chai. Amazingly, you can turn into simmering sticky chai with just a dash of honey syrup in the whole flavor.

In other words, sticky chai is a mixture of tea spices and black tea leaves coated with honey.

The noble nutritional facts, the delicious taste, and the aroma of spices are all that make it a top-notch choice of tea enthusiasts. It is considered as a great source of healthiness and flavorsome feels. Below are some of the top health merits of the same. Have a look!

Better For Immune System 

Also called chai tea, it strengthens the immune system with its beneficial ingredients. Cardamom is widely known for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties that heal the body in times of flu or cold. Moreover, the high content of Vitamin C and other supplements boost the overall health of the body.

Low Caffeine Content

Many researchers have finally spilled their beans for ‘Does chai latte have caffeine’. It is glad to know that chai tea contains one-third of the caffeine content in comparison to regular coffee. Though the exact expanse of caffeine depends on the type of black tea leaves, it is still the healthier substitute for coffee. 

Heal Body Pain

Be it the seasonal effect or fever, body ache is a usual problem. Surprisingly, a cup of chai tea works as a wonder in this case. The ample spices used in brewing the tea comprise anti-inflammatory properties which reduce even the severe pain of the body.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

One of the amazing benefits of spellbound sticky chai is its positive impact on heart health. It has been evident that a blend of cinnamon in tea lowers bad cholesterol. Moreover, it is a superb solution for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Combining all, a cup of chai tea results in the improvement of heart health.

In a Nutshell

Truly, tea is a source of wonder when it comes to healthy living. The bounteous assortment in the entire world proves the need and overflowing love for tea. So, if you are a tea enthusiast and fascinate to boost health with your lovesome edible, try having a cup of sticky chai on a regular basis.


Say bye to unhealthiness with a cup of sticky chai!

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