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By David Gomes It is always great to see a couple that have been together for the longest time possible. At times, one may tend to ask, how do these guys do it and make it look simple? Well the answer lies in meeting each other’s needs fully. One of the main needs that a person has in a relationship is the need to be satisfied sexually. This if not met may cause one to engage in cases of infidelity or worse, leave the relationship all together. It is therefore important to note that however long one has stayed in the relationship, one should always strive to ensure boredom does not set in. One of the main things to try to ensure things are spicy is to try new sex positions. Below are some unique suggestions you can try out and enjoy. Foreplay position One of the things to try out is to find out a unique foreplay position which will help a man and woman enjoy an amazing time. The Yin Yang is just the position. Remember about this Chinese issue about creating balance in life? Well this is the same case. This is a great way of enjoying genital stimulation from both partners and which helps one achieve orgasm fast. In this position, the woman is orally stimulated as she has her genitals above the man’s face while she is kneeling and she reaches out to the man’s penis. Froggy Another way to improve your sex life is by making use of the reverse cowgirl position which is commonly known as froggy. This is a good position that gives the girl dominance and helps her enjoy being in charge while the man takes a back seat to enjoy the action. The woman has the capability of controlling penetration speed and thrust to help her get to enjoy best as she so desires. This style has the man lying on his back, legs extended to form a V shape. The woman straddles backwards with her feet facing the man. This gives the woman the ability to control all the action to her needs. This position is beneficial as it gives deep vaginal and clitoral stimulation as well. Arrested How about a domineering position that gives the man all the power to do what she desires with you? This is a position that gives a man the unique ability to do all that they desire to their woman with minimal interruption. It is a variation of the doggy style that has the woman with her hands at the back as if she is cuffed. It would be unique to even restrain her by cuffing her or even restraining her from the back. As this may border on the extreme, it is advisable to tell her beforehand that she should speak out if she feels the slightest discomfort to ensure you enjoy this. A pillow is also necessary to help her rest her head on it and increase comfort. The benefit of this position is that it allows for deep penetration as well as clitoral stimulation. Saddle One can also try out saddle which is a variant of the cow girl position. In this position a man needs to have a very strong upper body which helps them support their weight as well as that of the girl. The man’s body is raised by the arms and feet while the woman straddles her on top. This gives both partners the feeling of riding a horse as the up and down rhythm is quite intense. Practice of this position might need a little time to get it right. This might be a good position to try even for people with low testosterone levels. Cliff Hang This is a really unique way to bring about increased fun and an adrenaline rush. This sex position is called so as where it is performed mimics a person overlooking a cliff. The position is performed on the edge of a bed or a seat. The man is well seated on the seat while the female faces the man and is hanging on lest she falls over. The man thus has to support the woman not to topple over as the genitals are attached. Enhancement To ensure that you get to enjoy the above spicy sex styles, it is worth noting that you should have a rock solid libido and stamina. These levels drop as one ages and enhancement is needed to kick-start production of the same. BlackCore Edge is a male enhancement product that can help in this as it is based on natural products. Studies show the ingredients contained in the product help boost testosterone production. This means the product has no side effects and helps one to naturally enjoy rock solid erections from the testosterone boost, not to mention the high testosterone levels that are accompanied. Author Bio: David Gomes completed his M.S Professional degree in California Institute of Technology. He lives in Oakland, California, USA. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as Sexual health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and on-line publication sites. You can connect with him on Google+ and Twitter.

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