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Shameless: Will we see the return of bad Carl?

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Last season on Shameless, one of the Gallaghers began to transform his life. After returning from prison to start the season, he was still into illegal activity, but following the murder of a young boy at the hands of his friend Nick, this Gallagher came to the conclusion he needed to turn his life around. He started hanging out with a girl named Dom and did everything he could to impress her father. I am of course talking about, none other than Carl Gallagher.

From the beginning of the series, Carl has been one of the best parts of Shameless every single week. He was portrayed as a young psychopath in the early seasons, placing fish in microwaves and bullying kids at school. He would eventually graduate to working the streets, selling drugs on the street corner. Young Carl was always up to no good, and that is what made his character so entertaining.

Finally, his illegal activities caught up with him, however. While going on a drug run with his nephew Chuckie, whom Carl taped all of the drugs to, Chuckie got busted when drug sniffing dogs were brought into the train station where the two were sitting. This led to Carl’s half-sister Sammi calling the police to arrest Carl, as she knew he was responsible for getting Chuckie, her son, in trouble.

So Carl went to juvie, which he fit right into. After an early release, he would continue his life of crime along with his friend Nick, who he met in juvie. Carl would sell guns in the school bathroom for a portion of Shameless season 6. As I mentioned above, however, Carl ended his life of crime after Nick committed murder. He also left a gun laying around the house for Sean (Carl’s sister Fiona’s boyfriend in season 6)’s son Will to find, which led to Sean and Fiona becoming furious with Carl.

So the second half of season 6 focused on Carl becoming a better man. With Dom becoming his girlfriend, Carl was ironing clothes, trying to dress nice, and avoiding his old bad habits. But it just wasn’t the same old Carl. Carl’s character became a fan favorite by him being the kid who was always doing stuff he shouldn’t be. So will we be seeing more of the old Carl in season 7, or will they continue him down the path of bettering himself?

Well based off the season 7 trailer, we know he is still with Dom, but will also be in hot water with her father, Luther. Luther comes running after Carl, claiming he gave his daughter gonorrhea. Now this certainly gives us some hope that Carl could return to his old ways, as he faces an uphill battle to win over Luther. So if he finally realizes that is not going to happen, he could certainly return to his old self.

Carl and Luther’s interactions are entertaining, but it will limit Carl from doing what he does best. Shameless season 7 could go one of two ways for Carl. Given how things usually end badly for the Gallaghers, that likely means Carl and Dom will not last. But that is exactly what this Shameless and Carl fan hope to see happen.

Once Dom and Luther are out of the picture, Carl can return to form. So here is hoping we get to see more of evil Carl!

Shameless season 7 will premiere on Showtime on Sunday, October 2nd at 9 pm EST.

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