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Shaun Suisham nails game winning field goal, Browns rally falls short

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Ben Roethlisberger (USATSI, CBS Sports)
Ben Roethlisberger (USATSI, CBS Sports)

PITTSBURGH- The Pittsburgh Steelers had a stellar first half. They scored at will. The Browns looked dazed and confused on offense. The game was over at halftime as the Steelers had a 24-3 lead.

Then, something seemingly magical happened. The lost boys became men in the second half. The Browns scored two touchdowns in the third quarter with relative quickness and all of the sudden a lost cause became a possible win.

Cleveland trailed 27-17 heading into the fourth quarter. Brown kicker Billy Cundiff had a short field in front of him and he nailed the field goal.  After all hope seemed to be lost, it looked like it would be the Steelers suffering from the imminent heartbreak too come. A Browns team that had fury and passion was not going to be let down. Another Cleveland heartbreak was not looming as the Browns were ready to strike again with several more possession and defensive stops. An unpredictable finish was brewing. Cleveland was threatening. Browns receiver Travis Benjamin hauled in a critical 4th quarter touchdown. The game was tied at 27.  Cleveland was ready to break Pittsburgh’s heart. A reversal of fortune was in order. The Browns were ready to crush the Steelers’ hearts and rip away a victory from the certain jaws of defeat.

The Steelers brought the gleeful Browns back to reality. On their last possession, Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham nailed a last second field goal. The heartbreak was sealed with a heart wrenching finish that no one saw coming.

Ben Roethlisberger torched the revamped Browns defense for 365 yards and one touchdown. He threw one interception. Antonio Brown continued his momentum as he caught five passes for 116 yards and one touchdown.

Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer passed for 230 yards and one touchdown. He did not throw any interceptions though there were several close calls. Andrew Hawkins had a career day with 87 receiving yards in his Browns debut.




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