Peptides are among the most widely discussed therapeutic agents in the medical field, especially in skincare. These days major players in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are looking to develop more short peptide products due to the remarkable benefits they offer. While you may just be hearing about them for the first time, they are more commonly used than you may imagine. Find out why they’re good for you and how to get more out of them.

What are short peptides?

Short peptides are biomolecule chains that contain between 2–4 amino acids – the fundamental building blocks of the body. Compared to proteins (which have more than 50 amino acids), their much smaller size makes them very special. They penetrate the skin easily to stimulate collagen when applied topically and filter into the bloodstream through the intestines’ walls more efficiently when administered orally.

Short peptides play an essential role in several biological activities and are capable of doing so much. These include the termination of microbes, regulation of blood pressure, and boosting the immune system.

Uses and benefits of short peptides

Short peptides have a wide range of uses, and their benefits are countless. Outside its use in anti-aging cosmetics to slow down the aging process, it also finds application in:

  • Boosting the immune system;
  • Restoration and protection of the liver;
  • Building muscle mass;
  • Inhibition of organ rejection post-transplant.

Regulation of blood sugar in diabetic patients is yet another use of short peptide products. There is so much more.

One of the essential benefits of short peptides is that they have a higher safety profile than the ingredients in most conventional drugs. They can treat a wide range of diseases without posing as many side effects as conventional drugs. And this is a function of the fact that they are recycled by the body rather than accumulated in the liver, kidney, or other sensitive organs.

How to get more short peptides

Peptides occur naturally in all living organisms, and they are bioactive. So far, more than 2000 naturally occurring anti-microbial variants have been discovered through research. Ideally, those generated in the human body should be enough, but energetic living (a demanding lifestyle) and stress affect its availability among certain factors. As a result, it becomes essential to find more ways to get it.

The use of dietary supplements is one of the best and easiest ways to get more peptides. A wide range of peptides is available in supplement form, including those for biorhythms regulation, restoration, and liver protection, among others. There are also peptide-infused products that can be applied topically for several benefits such as skin restoration and regenerations, hydration and protection, and lots more.

It is advisable to source these products through reputable companies that develop them based on peptide bioregulation technology.

The best short peptide-infused products

Today, there are many short peptide-infused products on the market, and deciding the best one to go with can be a tad challenging. Selecting the right product will go a long way in ensuring that they fulfill the purpose for which they are purchased.

The best short peptide-based products, whether it’s a dietary supplement or cosmetics, are those developed with the top-quality ingredients under the best manufacturing conditions.

At NANOPEP, our products are designed based on clinical studies results, and 30-year experimental research carried out by Professor Khavinson. They are developed in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities located in different parts of the world.

Our products are divided into dietary supplements (administered orally) and cosmetics (applied topically). From Ayori Skincare, for hydration and protection of the facial skin; to Pan Vilon, a regenerative cream that hydrates the skin and speeds up the regeneration process; and Immunget, for boosting the immune system, we’ve got it all.

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