If you realize that the cabinet below your sink is wet, there’s a possibility that your garbage disposal unit is leaking. And this can really be a big problem. However, there are several things that can be done to fix the issue.

In case you notice that your garbage disposal is leaking from below, you may want to consider purchasing a new unit. However, it’s important to double check if the leak is truly coming from the bottom side and not leaking from the top of the garbage disposal and dripping from the bottom. Perhaps it could just be as a result of an internal seal. With time, the internal seals which are responsible for protecting your garbage disposals’ motor might break down and stop performing their task as required. It may also due to a crack in the protective shell case.


But, what is the Best Garbage Proposal?

So, what is the best garbage disposal? Well, a good garbage disposal should be made of high-quality materials. This will make it durable.

Typically, a new garbage disposal unit should last up to 15 years. And the good thing is that they aren’t always very expensive. You can either do the installation by yourself or hire a professional plumber to help you out.

Garbage Disposal Leaking From Below Of the Motor?

If you have leaking garbage disposal, try finding out where exactly the water is flowing from. Depending on the place where it’s leaking from, you’ll be able to determine if the issue is fixable or not.

With that in mind, the most effective way to identify the leak is to position the plug appropriately and fill your kitchen sink with water. Then pour some non-toxic dye or food coloring into the water.

Red is always a prominent color that’s easy to spot under the sink. Allow the water to run down your sink with the garbage disposal running. If you notice that the water is running down the side of your disposal, then there’s a leak at the seal. This can easily be rectified by removing the entire unit, cleaning the ring as well as the sink bottom, and then reassembling it again.

If there’s no water coming from the bottom side, but it’s coming out from the drain pipe, then your drain system could be clogged or its piping could have malfunctioned. The seals can readily be tightened. They might have gotten lost as a result of the motor vibrations or the expansion plus contraction that’s triggered by the flow of hot and cold water across the drain lines. In case it’s the drain lines that have become clogged, you can always use a disposal safe drain cleaner. Alternatively, the drain can be removed, cleaned and turned.

It Could Be Worn Out Seals

If the dreaded water is leaking from the bottom of your garbage disposal, then you probably have one of the biggest problems. What this means is that the internal seals which designed to prevent water from coming into the unit’s motor have completely deteriorated and stopped functioning as intended. The water will move down through the motor and flow directly to the reset button or weep hole.

Of course, the seals are replaceable, but you’ll still need a new motor to completely fix your garbage disposal. That’s why the parts needed to repair such leaks are quite cheaper than the cost of purchasing a new unit. Replacing the entire disposal is always that best option since you’ll be sure to have a device that will last longer.

Sink Flange Featuring a Weak Cover

The sinkhole is typically the most common culprit for your leaking garbage disposal. Due to their complex design, most people tend to set up disposal units in the wrong way, particularly when they’re doing it without the help of an expert.

If your disposal leaks from below, there’s a good chance that the seal isn’t secure anymore. In this case, you’ll need to remove the entire unit plus the mounting assembly and reinstall it again.  If the rubber gasket that was provided during the purchase was used to seal the unit’s flange, remove it and utilize a plumber’s putty instead.

Clean the sinkhole thoroughly and remove any debris. Remember, excess putty can be removed and reused. Refer to the manual to ensure that you’re fixing the right number and order of gaskets on the bottom side of your sink. You may also want to ensure that your garbage disposal isn’t punctured in any way. And if that’s the case, contact a professional plumbing service.

Old Disposal Unit

If your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, it means that the internal seals have all burst up. This often occurs due to old age, which is expected after five to 10 years of usage.

A unit that’s too old is more likely to leak from the bottom. And there are only two options for resolving this issue: you can either contact a professional plumber to repair the unit or consider purchasing all-new disposal. Though this might sound quite disturbing, the cost of replacing a disposal unit isn’t always that high. Pick a reputable company that offers high-quality units at a fair price. Also, ensure that the products are efficient, reliable, and durable.

Sometimes this might also happen to new, but faulty machines. To avoid this, you should always choose a trustworthy brand. Of course, they’re quite a few, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Get a reputable company that delivers high-quality products which never disappoint.


If your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, you may need to take some simple steps and fix the problem. Hopefully, this article has helped you pinpoint possible causes of the leak and effective ways of rectifying your leaking unit.

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