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Season 4 of HBO’s Silicon Valley kicked off this past weekend and picked up right where it left off. If you enjoy the show and haven’t watched, do so and then come back to us. For those who have watched it, let’s get down to it.

It looks as if Richard Hendricks has decided to pivot yet again. With the new hatred for the new “Piper Chat” being the direction of the company, Richard decided to take his talent elsewhere. His decision to build a “new internet” seems wildly out of reach but every great tech company has to start somewhere. Can season 4 be where Richard hits his stride?

What to look forward to this season:

1 – Where will Richard’s new ideas take him. Obviously, there’s a Steve Jobs/Apple type spit happening here. Will Richard have the same success or be a complete failure? Can he match the success of Pied Piper or will he ruin it just the same? Will his former colleagues join him if his platform has a breakthrough? Whatever the case may be, our former CEO always comes through in the clutch so expect a light bulb to flash on.

2 – Dinesh/Gilfoye – The dynamic of these two are the nearly the best part of the show. The duo follows closely behind Erlich in hilarity (our favorite Erlich quotes) With Dinesh being the new CEO you’d have to imagine the two’s banter to be amped up this season. Gilfoyle’s animosity will be on full display, expect some of the best one-liners between the two this season.

3. Bachmanity – Everyone’s favorite degenerate has found himself backed against the wall. His ability to persuade the gang now falls on deaf ears. With control now favoring Big Head and his dad, Erlich can’t manipulate the group to do as he says. If this doesn’t set up season 4 to be the best, nothing will. Nothing is worse than someone with nothing to lose with their back against a wall. Tj Miller’s crass, shoot-from-the-hip, sense of humor should far eclipse previous seasons.

Nothing is as oddly funny as HBO’s Silicon Valley. Parodying the tech world shouldn’t be as humorous as this show makes it. With shows/movies like Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Idiocracy under his belt, fans shouldn’t be surprised by creator Mike Judge. His knack for comedy has pumped out more than a few laughs. Silicon Valley shows no sign of slowing down and ought to have its best season yet.

Stream Silicon Valley on HBO Now/HBO Go. Otherwise, it airs Sundays at 10 pm, ET on HBO.

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