The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. You need your bedroom to be an enjoyable place to spend time and relax as getting good quality sleep is key to a productive and healthy life. With that in mind, we have asked interior design experts Bespoke Interiors, who specialise in bedroom design and installation, to set out some simple changes anyone can make to improve their bedroom.

1 Stop working in your bedroom

Research has shown working in your bedroom can be detrimental to your sleep. Having an association with work in your bedroom can hamper your ability to fully relax and sleep in the evening. For this reason, it’s worth taking out any desks or work station from your bedroom. Not only with this increase the available space, and give the room an airier and lighter feel, it reduces the ability for your bedroom to become associated with work.

Obviously, with the development of laptops and tablets, it’s easy to work away from a desk, and this means it’s possible to work from your bed. This can be even more detrimental than working from a desk in your room and should be avoided if possible.

2 Don’t let clutter build-up

It can be very easy with everything stored in a bedroom to allow the amount of clutter, and clothes in particular, to build up. As with working in your bedroom, having clutter and an untidy space can increase stress levels and impact your sleep. If you put aside a set amount of time each week to tidy your bedroom and keep things clean, you can easily maintain the room.

Storage is a crucial element to keeping your room tidy and not letting clutter build up. Fitted wardrobes are one of the best ways to maximise the storage space available in your bedroom. Because they’re custom made and designed to fit precisely in an area, you won’t be left with any gaps or unusable spaces. Even if you have a small bedroom with no space for a wardrobe, you can get storage rails. Having the ability to hang clothes up is key to prevent them from piling up or draws being overstuffed.

3 Plants and fresh flowers

The addition of plants or fresh flowers to your bedroom has a number of benefits. The introduction of plants is a great way to increase the oxygen levels in the room, which is a health benefit. Fresh flowers can add a great scent to your room, and by changing the type of flowers regularly, you can alter the colours in your room. This is also a great way of reflecting the seasons outside, for autumn you can bring in orange and red flowers to match the leaves outside.

4 Adding a statement piece of furniture

If you have the space in your bedroom, a statement piece of furniture is an excellent way of adding to your room and further expressing your style. Depending on the amount of space you have available you could go for a sofa or chez long. If you have less space available, even just a chair can make a nice addition. You could go for a very simple ‘wishbone Y frame’ chair or something more substantial such as a chesterfield chair.

We hope the ideas listed above help you improve your bedroom and make it a more relaxing and enjoyable place to spend time. Thanks to the experts at Bespoke Interiors, if you’d like to find out more about their work you can visit their website here.

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