If you are working on a budget, you may have probably have asked yourself if you can find cheap basketball shoes under $100. Well, the simple answer is yes, especially if you know how to go about it.

If you are reading this article, you are in luck, as we will be sharing how you can do this. We are to show you a selection of cheap basketball shoe models from the best footwear brands you will love.

We are going to focus on retro basketball shoes. Many of the best shoe brands on the market today lived their splendor with basketball shoe models that we all have in mind.

The best footwear brands have models of cheap basketball shoes always beautiful and of quality.

The secret is knowing how to search for the best affordable basketball shoes under $100.

Essential Properties of Affordable Basketball Shoes

Good basketball shoes require a good grip so that you can concentrate entirely on the game without having to worry about a shaky stance. The taller you are, and the more weight you put on your shoes, the more important a stable shoe is.

This stability can be achieved with high heels. The high shaft is characteristic of basketball shoes. The foot is firmly enclosed and minimizes the risk of kinking and injuring yourself.

Another factor you need to consider when getting a basketball shoe is the degree of hardness of the sole and the grip, enabling quick and sudden movement changes without slipping away.

But there are also basketball shoes that are more like running shoes or sneakers. Flatter basketball shoes provide more flexibility and dynamism. Speed jumps and changes in direction are central elements of basketball. That’s why good cushioning is important in addition to supporting.

You will find very good cheap basketball shoes from the best brand which we will look into below.

The Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

Nike LeBron Witness

Nike’s LeBron Witness was marketed to satisfy fans of the “King” with a limited budget. While the classic LeBron signature line is more expensive, the LeBron Witness is available from Nike for $ 99.  This shoe is an excellent compromise between “affordable price and quality”: LeBron Witness 4 has quality cushioning and a good level of the foot’s overall comfort. It is adapted to the practice of basketball in competition while offering a modern and aesthetic visual rendering.

Don Issue

At Adidas too, it is possible to get a quality basketball shoe for less than $100. The proof, with Donovan Mitchell’s signature shoe, accessible at a more than the reasonable price on the Adidas store: DON Issue 2 is available for $98.

Nike Kyrie 6 Shutter Shades

Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe is also now available for less than $100! Available on the Nike store in a “Shutter Shades” color, the Kyrie 6 will offer you a level of performance largely suited to intensive basketball practice, for $78. You will find it today at this price on the Nike store by following the link below. Please note, the prices may vary, as this is a promotion; since the latter has been available for many weeks, we believe that it is likely to continue in the long term.

KD Trey 5 VIII

With the signature shoe of Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant. The KD Trey 5 VIII is one of the best basketball shoes on the mark for less than $100. It offers an excellent performance level and represents very good value for money in the basketball shoe market.

Puma Rebound Layup Basketball Shoes

The Puma brand of men’s sneakers could not be left out of the retro basketball shoe style.

This model respects all the characteristics that have made this style famous. It presents modern materials that make it of higher quality and an ideal sole for basketball practice.

Due to its great retro design, you will always be at the forefront of the sporty casual look.

Cheap Basketball Shoes

If you want to enjoy good, beautiful, and cheap basketball shoes, we recommend that you buy your basketball shoes in an outlet. Sale basketball shoes can also be a great option.

We recommend that you buy your basketball shoes on Amazon because you can enjoy great offers and discounts. As we have seen in the comparison, the shoes that we show you are top brands and cheap.

Where to Buy Cheap Basketball Shoes?

As we have already commented on more occasions, there are many basketball shoe stores. As you know, we always use and recommend Amazon because of the possibility of return and how well they work. Buying on Amazon means being able to return the products easily, getting the opinions of people who have already bought and tried the shoes, etc.

Even so, if the Amazon options don’t convince you, you can also try Decathlon basketball shoes.   Most of the basketball shoe brands sold in this store are private label shoes. This does not have to mean that they are worse, but they do not have as much recognition as the first brands.


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