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Snoring Remedies For A Better Night

According to The National Sleep Foundation, frequent snoring affects more than 100 million people in the U.S. Even more people experience infrequent snoring and may suffer from poor quality sleep. It will affect both the snorers and their partners, and may cause disrupted sleep for your entire family. It explains the high interest in quick fixes by snorers.

Why do people snore? Snoring is caused by restricted airflow in the mouth and nose. When it is blocked by your esophageal and nasal tissues, air will cause an increased likelihood of vibration, which will be translated into sound. Common causes of snoring include underlying medical conditions such as sleep apnea, and allergies, or the use of sleeping pills or alcohol before bed.

Depending on the tissue involved, there are several types of snorers. Nasal snorers will experience snoring because of blocked passages or a deviated septum. Tongue-based snorers will often snore when the tongue is in a hyper-relaxed state. Mouth snorers sleep through their mouth while sleeping, which may cause the soft palate tissues to vibrate against each other.

Snoring can affect the quality of sleep for everyone in your household. In the long term, it will cause poor health for everyone involved. Thankfully, it can be remedied. Here are a few quick remedies to snoring that will improve the quality of your sleep.

Change how you sleep

Your sleeping position may be the most likely cause of snoring. People who sleep on their back are more likely to snore because the position will cause the tongue to restrict airflow from the throat. Sleeping on your side can be a good way to address snoring. If you are having trouble getting used to the change, you could position pillows to prevent you rolling over in the middle of the night.

A humidifier could help

A humidifier will not directly remedy snoring. However, it will reduce the likelihood that your air is dry. Dry air may irritate the throat and nose, which will cause snoring. Humidifiers will make the air comfortable enough to breath at night, reducing the chance of snoring. You may prefer a vaporizer because of its ability to produce warm mist, which is the easiest and most comfortable to breathe.

A cleaner sleep environment

You need t keep your sleep environment comfortable and neat to enjoy an uninterrupted night. Aside from having comfortable sheets, warm pillows and a great mattress, which you can source from bear mattress, you need to ensure that your sleeping environment is hygienic. There will be fewer particles in your air, which will reduce the irritation to your airways and decrease the risk of snoring.

Drink plenty of water

You need to stay hydrated throughout the day, although you should generally avoid beverages for up to an hour before calling it a night. Drinking the recommended amounts of water will supply hydration to your mucus membranes, which will reduce the chances of snoring during the night. It is important to clear your urinary tract before bed s well to avoid unnecessary disruptions at night.

Try an adjustable bed

You will need to sleep in an elevated position to keep your tongue from blocking your airways. By sleeping with your head raised, your airflow will be more streamlined. If you notice no change in your snoring despite trying out an adjustable bed, it could be time to change your mattress in favor of a more supportive option.

Watch your weight

Did you know that a change in weight can affect your snoring frequency? People who rank above the expected weight for their height group will be likely to have more tissue in their throat. This can increase the tendency of snoring, since this tissue is more likely to vibrate. If your body mass index measurement suggests you are overweight, addressing this will help you cut down your snoring. You can seek the help of a nutritionist or doctor, take up regular exercise and eat smaller portions of healthier food to reduce your weight to recommended levels. With balanced weight, you will be better able to keep your snoring in control.

Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills before bed

Alcohol and sleeping pill use will relax your muscles. They can be a great option to relax your body and mind when taken in recommended amounts. However, if taken before bed, they could lead to an increased rate of snoring. You should avoid taking any alcohol or sleeping pills up to two hours before bed. This will reduce the likelihood of relaxed tissue, which will address snoring. You should limit your alcohol intake to specific times. You may also need to contact your doctor about available options to help you substitute any sleeping pills you may be prescribed to.

Essential oil therapy

Essential oils will promote sleep and reduce the likelihood of snoring. You could consider aroma therapy through the use of oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, marjoram and tea tree. You need to dilute these oils before applying them topically. They can also be used with water or as a throat spray and will be very effective due to their anti-inflammatory properties. They may be great for your health in more ways than just addressing your snoring, as they could revitalize your skin too

An anti-snoring device could help

Loud snoring can be addressed by oral appliances. There are a number of dental fixtures help to keep the airways open, which reduces the likelihood of blockage. You could also try anti-snoring pillows and nasal strips, which are designed to regulate airflow. You may need to talk to your physician before trying one out for the best recommendation on your anti-snoring device.

Final word

Snoring can be tough for everyone involved. It will affect the quality of sleep in your household, which will increase the risks associated with poor sleep hygiene. You can also limit the use of devices that emit blue light, such as mobile phones, computers and televisions, for a better night’s rest. Blue light will affect your body’s natural rhythm and impact the quality of sleep. In the long term, this will cause an increase in restlessness and may make you more likely to snore. . It is important that you limit your use of these devices before bed to enjoy a full night’s rest and address snoring.

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