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Cooking Up Ideas – A Guide to Achieving the Perfect Grill Setup

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There are heaps of ways to enjoy time with family, friends and other loved ones. You can head out to a nice restaurant to eat, go to a bar (if you’ve got a babysitter for the night!), pack a picnic, go for a bushwalk, take a road trip – the list goes on. There’s heaps of benefits to be gained from socialising as well, including an increased sense of connection and wellbeing. In fact, just hanging out with one other person sure beats another night in front of the screen.

One surefire way to get everyone together is by hosting a giant fry up. Everyone loves a good grill session, so if you’re wondering whether or not now is the time to get your own grill setup sorted read on, because this article will outline how you can get your very own licence to grill.

What sort of grill to use?

We’ve come a long way since the days of the old fashioned gas grill. Did you know that now you can buy infrared grill technology? You can cook anything from ribs to lentil patties to pizzas using an infrared grill. This type of grill heats up quite quickly too, so you spend less time standing there scratching your head waiting until the grill is hot. Cleaning is a breeze too, once you’ve finished cooking. The heat will burn off the majority of the grease, oil and residue so you just need to give the grill a light scrub and wipe down afterwards and voila, all clean!

If you prefer old fashioned methods of cooking, you don’t have to opt for the fandangled new tech. A gas-fuelled grill will do the job just as well, as will a charcoal BBQ. After all, it’s about gathering with your loved ones to enjoy a succulent meal, and the end justifies any sort of grilling means you use.

Get your outdoor area right

The type of grill you use is just one aspect of achieving the perfect grilling environment. You also want to ensure that your outdoor space is well and truly set up so that you come across as the host with the most. There’s a few ways you can achieve this, which we’ll outline below.

The first step is to have some shade of some sort. This is especially important if you’re hosting shindigs during summer, when the risk of sunburn is high. A temporary option is to buy a decent gazebo from an outdoor or hardware store, which you can put up and down as you need. A more permanent option is to install a shade cloth in your yard.

The next step is to have somewhere for people to sit and eat. Outdoor settings are perfect for this. At the budget end of the setting spectrum you could opt for fold out tables and chairs – again, which can be popped away once you are finished. For those with a bit more cash to splash why not invest in a permanent outdoor setting, so you can sit and enjoy your yard even if you’re not grilling.

To sum it up

To host a spectacular grill event, you’ll need a grill. Infrared is an option, but so are gas or charcoal – it doesn’t matter as long as you’re cooking up a storm. The other things you’ll need are a shaded area for you and your guests to sit and some outdoor furniture for them to sit on. Now you’re all ready to rock, roll and get grilling. Bon appetit! Enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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