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Snowman’s Take: Kanye West, Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

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Okay, this is a very different version of Snowman’s Take, but it is one that must be done.  So here goes.

Kanye West, who the hell do you think you are?

You’re supposed to be the greatest hip-hop artist ever.  You’re supposed to be happy to be a husband and a father.  You’re supposed to be – well – Kanye.

But ol’ Snowman’s got news for ya, here’s one person that does not like you, your music, nor your lifestyle – ME.

Is this because of hatred? No.  Is this because of jealousy? No.  Is this because I just can’t stand you as a person.


But you know I like to bring the numbers, but I have only one – 53

Million that is.  53 million dollars in debt and according to articles he started a go fund me asking for fans to support him.  Didn’t he ask the same thing to buy his records and songs?  The same kind of songs that are supposed to identify who he is?

Why would you need a GoFundMe to get out of debt? A better question is, how the hell did you wind up 53 million bucks in debt in the first place?

A couple more questions – did Kim have anything to do with the debt? If not, why don’t you ask her for help?  Oh wait, you’re living off of her celebrity anyway.  That’s my opinion for if you weren’t, you’d be putting out better music.

I am one to really examine things and the one song of yours Mr. West that actually had me humming was “Stronger” a while back.

But as I began my basketball broadcast, I listened to the words – “You should be honored by my lateness?” Why should people be honored by your music anyway?

It seems to me by your music and style therein has declined and declined fast.  I know you just put out a new album, but did you even take the time to craft it? Did you take the time to make sure it continued to identify who you are? What you are? And what you do?

Did you even take the time to find a way to honor your family? And I mean wife and child in that question.  I’m a fan of Darius Rucker and his song “Alright” honored his family.  That song was from his heart.  Where are your songs that are meaningful? From the heart? From YOU?  Have you made any lately?  Have you made any at all?

Here are some more questions to think about – I mentioned this earlier, but is it possible that people think of YOU as a “Golddigger”? That people got “Stronger” by not listening to your music? That people were not encouraged to be a “Dropout” by listening to you and following your pattern? And finally, why would you want to tell anyone your “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”?

Maybe it’s time you made a little “Late Registration” and got back to being you – if you can find out who you really are.  As for me, I will only remember and think of you for the times you stole thunder from others, including the infamous Taylor Swift incident.  Who knows, maybe “The Life of Pablo” will resurrect your career.  Or maybe it will be sent even further downward.

That’s Snowman’s Take – What’s yours?

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