What is Digital marketing?

It is an all encompassing term used to describe digital channels. These channels are available for the sole purpose of building a brand or creating awareness of a product or service.

Digital marketing includes using Imperial Leisure, which is a creative agency in London for internet marketing, social media marketing, banner placements, email marketing, website, mobile marketing, SEO, SMS, pay per click campaign, web TV, billboards, how SEO complements radio advertising, and the use of any other digital related platforms.

Digital marketing is a trend that has come to complement the traditional marketing strategies. The traditional marketing such as newspapers ads has been relegated to the background as more people are getting access to the internet.

It’s important to note that every day, millions of people are glued to their phones, laptops, computers and the other internet devices. They get as much information as they need from the internet than they would on the papers. This is why millions of companies are going digital, and as an app marketer you should too.

Important Classes of Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing

Although the internet is an entity by itself, it is intricately woven into the digital world. You can’t get access to the internet without a digital appliance such as your smartphone, computers, tablets, etc. The internet is a market that is daily exploited to reach millions of potential clients; this is why companies both, old and new, can’t do without it.

Internet marketing is perhaps the most important branch of digital marketing since it encompasses most of the activities found in digital marketing. Let’s look at some of the most exploited channels through which organizations reach out to their clients.

Major Components of Internet Marketing

Website: there is hardly any self-respecting business that does not have a website. For many advertising campaigns, a website is usually the starting point. It’s a place to get people to see what your mobile app stands for, what it has to offer and so on. The more people visit your website, the greater your chances of getting excellent deals and gaining new clients.

Search marketing: this is a major channel of internet marketing. It contains two important components SEO and PSA.

SEO means search engine optimization. It had to do with increasing the ranking of your business or content in search engines by optimizing laid down techniques.

PSA, on the other hand, is concerned about how much visitors you get on your website when you post your ads on search engines.

Thus, we can say that Search Marketing is all about methods or techniques that are related to Search engines for the promotion of business.

Social media: it’s a known fact that millions of people spend most of their time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This made social media a much-used platform by digital marketers who wanted to create awareness of their business.

Content Marketing

A good Content can be a powerful tool to build you a stronger internet presence. Content marketing is the new SEO.

Mobile Marketing

This has to do with creating ads or content that can easily be viewed through a mobile device. According to research, 30% of traffic that comes to a website is driven by mobile. More and more people depend on their mobile phones or devices to engage social media platforms, buy things online, search the web for numerous reasons. More and more people use their mobile phones to search the web, engage on social media, or find products or services to buy.

Email Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, email as a strategy to boost sales is very much alive and kicking. It is in fact known as, one of the most important tools in every digital campaign. Perhaps because of how long it has been in the market, especially with the advent of social media, people tend to think it’s archaic. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Email is the most efficient and personal way to get new clients. Reaching out to potential clients who showed interest on your App Content, through emails, is a way to reach out to them personally. You now have the opportunity to send interesting information and offers from your brand, thereby effectively converting readers or visitors into customers.

The list above is just some of the components of internet marketing. However, in this article, we will be focusing on how important Email marketing is to promoting your brand.

Do you know that 88% of smartphone users actively check their emails at least once a day? Or, that 72% of consumers prefer to discuss business through emails than any other platforms? Well, now you do.

Not less than 205 billion emails are sent to people every day. Although there are other platforms to communicate with your clients or potential clients, still Email plays a major role in effective communication.

3 Reasons why you Should Invest in Email Marketing

1. Unlimited opportunities: in a day, the average person picks up his smartphone every 7 minutes, at least 100 times a day! Can you imagine that? And email is an integral part of the mobile world. This means that as a mobile app marketer, you have at least a hundred opportunity every single day to reach out to your potential client. That’s just incredible! Imagine the millions of people you can reach every day; you can’t beat that.

2. Customized template: sending emails can be flexible, you can customize the template as often as it’s beneficial for you. You do this to not only fit the mobile devices people have but to appeal to their sense of aesthetics. People respond positively to an attractive presentation. So you can customize two or three different templates, split your email list into two or three groups and send the templates. The one which garners more responsiveness is what you should settle for. However, less is more. Don’t go adding too much flashy or crazy add-on; you certainly don’t need them. Many spam filters look out for emails that look too much like an advert and would out rightly reject them.

3: Cost effective: well, there’s no business worth its salt that is not constantly looking for ways to stay within budget. Traditional marketing strategies like television, radio, or billboards will make you spend some serious money on designing the advertisement. And one is not careful; it can be blown out of proportion very quickly. Advertising on email would need a good design of course, but it can easily be achieved with few mouse clicks from anywhere in the world. Email makes it possible to expand your marketing strategy without expanding your budget.

Of course, there are many other reasons why email marketing should be invested in 1to boost sales, but these are the main ones.

Author Bio: Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for top app development companies in the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and forums.

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