To make your Instagram page stand out from the pack, you will have to go the extra mile to make your posts as interesting as possible. The content you post will determine how impressive your Instagram page is, but you will also have to pay attention to making it engaging for the visitors. Otherwise, you will not be able to turn your visitors into loyal followers.

You can use the user generated content and opt for a growth service that works to help you increase the number of followers and likes. However, you will still have to go back to the drawing board to determine the posts that are going to work. Here are some suggestions:

Instagram Giveaways And Contests

Instagram giveaways and contests play an important role in attracting new Instagram users on your account. It increases the engagement of your followers on our profile. Wishpond is a beneficial app for managing your contest and giveaways on your Instagram account.

Thought Leadership

Exhibit your expertise to your Instagram viewers. Let them know your professional proficiency through your posts. You can exhibit your photographic and designing skills by uploading your pieces of art or share your pro cooking tips if you are running an eatery or food service. Allocating a day for tips and personal achievements will be a good idea.

These tools will help you in the graphical editing of your photographs or templates:

· Stencil

· Snappa

· Canva

Product Features and Benefits

Instagram business profiles are meant for your brand propagation. Frequently feature your products in your Instagram posts. Write a post about the benefits of your products along with its picture or upload reviews of your satisfied customers.

Product Launches

Create a hype prior to the launch of your latest product or an upgrade in your brand through your Instagram posts.

User-Generated Content

Allow your customers to post their reviews and suggestions regarding your products on your Instagram profile. This will keep your profile engaging without much efforts at your end.

Influencers Posts

Instagram posts by the celebrities and influencers in your industry featuring your products are very helpful in boosting your brand and increasing engagement on your profile.

Cause-Related Marketing

Connect your brand with a cause and donate a part of your income for the welfare of underprivileged and promote the social cause through your posts.

Holidays and Events

You can post regarding the events relevant to your brand`s theme and other holidays that are celebrated around the world along with your cultural and national events.

Use Popular Hashtags

Using hashtags in your Instagram posts make it easier for Instagram users to find you while searching for relevant hashtags.


You can also upload memes related to your brand theme and in accordance with your followers’ interest.

DIY Ideas

If your brand theme is related to lifestyle, you can grab the attention of your audience through DIY tips and videos.

Instagram Quotes

You can upload quotes relevant to your account theme to boost the interest of your audience and to promote the values associated with your brand.

A stencil is a handy tool for posting quotes on Instagram which houses more than 100,000 quotes and various templates related to different themes to choose from.

Stunts and Extreme Sports

You can upload videos and post content related to the latest happenings in the world of sports and regarding the exciting stunts only if it can go well with your brand theme.

Behind the Scenes

You can share the photographs and stories behind the scene for your Instagram viewer. This will let your audience know you as a person and will portray the struggles behind your products.

Employees and Workplace

Feature your employees and your workplace to acknowledge their efforts and let you Instagram followers know your team. PicMonkey could be your assistant n taking Instagram worthy photos.

Hyperlapse videos

Hyperlapse videos are a great way to revolutionize your boring photos and remake your old pictures.

Stats And Numbers

Share statistics of latest researches related to your Instagram account theme and keep your viewers acknowledged. This will help you in grabbing the attention of your viewers and they will be impressed with your knowledge.

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