When it comes to social media sites, Facebook is still the unbeaten champion in matters of advertising. In as much as it is the central online meeting point for friends who want to share stuff on the Internet, it is also the most preferred advertising avenue for a significant number of business people.

Here, advertisers such as digital marketing company, Venngage and their blog on how to build a brand, Branding Statistics, can effectively interact with potential customers and promote their products and services.

Let’s delve into specifics;

· Let your fans show you love

Coming up with campaigns that ask your fans to like and share your product videos is a very effective strategy.

In this digital era, people love taking photos to create memories or just for the fun of it. You could ask your fans to take photos with your products, upload them and create links that can be shared.

To make it more effective, you could offer incentives for more fans to post photos. To make it more interesting and engaging, you could give special discounts to fans that post the photos using your campaign hashtag.

The whole point is to get more and more people involved in your campaign.

· Demonstrate the many ways you can use the product

One of the most efficient marketing strategies on social media is creating short video clips that demonstrate the numerous ways a consumer could use the product.

Besides, you could also create a simple clip with no effects, showing the various ways your consumers are using your product in their everyday lives.

However, do not fail to give other lifestyle tips that are relevant and valuable to your audience.

· Reward those that give referrals.

A lot of people underestimate the power of word-of-mouth referrals. On the contrary, referrals are a powerful marketing tool. It is a way of reaching people who share an interest with your current customers.

Loyalty programs are a great way of practicing the above. The trick is to come up with a loyalty campaign that allows customers to be rewarded for the different kinds of actions they engage in; not just one. Among these varieties of actions, an award for customers who have given referrals should be one of them.

· Rankings and reviews

Rankings and especially reviews are most dreaded by product owners. But if you are sure you have built a reputable brand and your products are genuine, the above is a walk in the park.

Politely ask your followers to give your product a review and for them to rate you. Reason being, just a few 5-star ratings can work like magic in improving your SEO rankings during a search.

Also, reviews are often displayed in search results when a searcher is looking to get more information about your business. This is crucial since potential buyers are always looking out for positive reviews before making any purchases.

Follow the above tips and in no time you will have excellent traffic on your page which, in turn, with cause an increase in conversion rates. Also, make sure you not only use Facebook to promote your business but every other social media platform out there that is available.

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