In this busy life, when its hard to get time to call someone, texting works as a savior. We all prefer texting over calling nowadays. It’s easy and a time-saving method. And to add some emotions, we use emojis with almost every text. Don’t we? Well, today, we are going to talk about new emoji styles which will be the future of texting for sure. Let’s take a look.

1. Animoji: If you are an iPhone user, this one is exclusively for you. Animoji is actually the animated emoji feature available on IOS device. However, if you think that it will replace your existing emojis, then you are wrong. It will not replace it. Instead, it is an extra treat for the iPhone users. Using it is very simple.

You can easily create one and send it through iPhone X messages app. All you need to do is to choose your favorite Animoji avatar and then record it and once you are done with it, you can send it to anyone.

2. Google Emojis: Google’s New Emojis are the most famous emojis that all of us have been using. It contains hundreds of different emojis in almost every category. It also has the skin color variations which makes it unique from others. These can be used on your android devices and also in Google chrome,  Google hangouts and Gmail.

Their emojis are famous as they are close to the human body, color and shape. All over, these emojis look more real as compared to others. You can also find a wide variety of emojis here. There are many other emojis for android text messaging which you can also use as an alternative to Google Oreo Emojis.

3. Apple Emojis: Again, apple emojis are the emojis exclusively made for apple family. Yes, it means that if you have an iPhone, Mac, Ipad, Apple watch or Apple TV, it will work for you. They also contain a lot of emojis of different category available for an Apple user. Apple always tries to bring something different.

You will see the basic common emojis and also some special only available here types emojis on an apple device. Indeed, they give us a great way to express our emotions sometimes in a comic way. LOL

4. Giphy: If you are a serious emoji user, Giphy is the one for you. Giphy has a large collection of GIF. They have made these GIF for almost every situation. Be it happy, sad, angry, serious, or a question mark mood, Giphy has all of it. Since they contain Gifs, they add a lot to a conversation without uttering a word. It is available for both Android and IOS device.

5. Bitmoji: Bitmoji is the one you would love to use if you love those cute chirpy cartoons. They make the digital version of human and allow you to use it in your chat. It is again an excellent way to talk without typing much. If you are shy enough to type or is confused about what you should reply, you can simply use this emojis.

These emojis are available on various platforms like Gmail, Snapchat, Facebook and slack.

6. Facebook Stickers: Almost all of us use Facebook. To make your chatting experience interesting, Facebook has launched the Facebook stickers which you can use while chatting with your friend. These stickers are nothing but the large form of the basic emoji you have been using for ages. However, they have also added some new stickers which you have not used till now. You will find a ton of free emojis and some paid emojis as well. But don’t worry, the paid ones are going to be free in some time. These emojis will surely help in spicing up your chatting experience.

So these were some of the emoji styles which you can use while chatting with your family, friends, love interest. I hope these will help you.

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