By Cindy Hawthrone

You may be the CMO of a leading company. We can understand you have a lot on your plate, yet we are here to push another item on it!

You may have been wondering why your SEO efforts are not reflecting on your site visibility? Well, according to our latest research, there are quite a few reasons for it.

SEO is an ongoing trial-and-error method of strategies, techniques, tactics that keep your site on top of all SRLs. SEO is intertwined with branding, and the reputation of your brand depends on how high your website ranks on Google.

Where are you going wrong?

At, we have seen these classic mistakes most companies make in their SEO campaigns.

Your SEO tactics are OUTDATED: That’s right!

Most marketers have been perfecting their SEO for Google of the past.

In the last year, Google has released at least 10 small updates that have massively affected SEO. As soon as RankBrain came into action, machine learning became a reality.

Now all keywords bear meaning and the spiders can “understand” the context, nuances and connotations of phrases rather than look for isolated words.

Google now uses data points and environment to understand what a user needs and wants. Each SERP is customized according to the search trends, localization and shopping inclination of your target users.

If you are retail, pay more attention to the detail: Retain websites are NOT SEO friendly by built.

They are meant to be very curt and transactional. They don’t have much room for flamboyant content and contextual keyword placement.

There are thousands of product information, transactions and itineraries to be handled that cannot be monitored by human beings alone. So, don’t be glum when you get to know the harsh truth. You cannot perfect your SEO if you are an e-commerce website.

It is not humanly possible to tweak thousands of website content every day to stay in Google’s good books.

Not enough importance to technology: Just like all good things of 21st century, SEO is completely slave to technology. You will need to tame big data, machine learning and AI for that and that definitely sounds like a lot of work.

Worry not! There are quite a few ace tools like Google AdWords, Google Keywords, SEMrush and HootSuite that can help you out with that.

You will need a little more than that to manage big data and AI. And that’s why you have the expert SEO companies to do that for you.That may seem costly in the beginning, but after you see the improvements in ranking and website traffic that will seem like a smart investment.

The key to building a company’s SEO and brand is to invest in the right places before the damage is done. If you want your company to be visible and stay visible, but you have no idea how SEO works, reach out to a verified SEO authority.

Author Bio: Cindy Hawthrone is a SEO consultant with NYC SEO Authority. She has been running her own SEO for ecommerce Websites Company for the last 6 years.

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  1. agree with that. we should automate all routine processes now. and it’s really worth paying.
    I use Serpstat for all seo analysis. It helps me a lot and it’s not that expensive.
    Do you have any experience with that?

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