Although laser hair removal is relatively simple and there will be no wound, after laser hair removal, we still need to pay attention to some nursing points, so as not to affect the effect. Here, I want to give you some advice about nursing after use the hair removal machine.

1, clean the skin with low temperature water. On the same day after laser hair removal, skin should be cleaned with low temperature water or liquid skin care products. Scab, blisters or temporary pigmentation may occur after treatment. If it occurs, please cooperate with the doctor to do the corresponding treatment.

2, prevent from sunscreen. Any kind of medical cosmetic surgery all needs preventing from sunscreen. Try not to expose the depilated skin to the sun.

3, protect the skin under hair removal. Do not bath with too hot water, nor do not use hands or anything else to squeeze red spots on your skin.

4, pay attention to choosing skin care products. After laser hair removal, the skin is fragile. Attention should be paid to cleaning or skin care products that are less irritating to the skin.

5, do not do hair removal. No other way of hair removal during the treatment, no matter it is physical or chemical, for that it may cause dermatitis and pigmentation.

6, do not wear dark or unclean clothes. Do not wear deep stained or unclean clothes, because the skin is sensitive and prone to inflammation after operation.

7, pay attention to diet. Try not to eat irritating or spicy food, you can eat more vitamin C, E fruits, or directly eat vitamin tablets. Vitamin can improve skin resistance and reduce pigmentation.

8, timely go to the hospital for review. After hair removal, the doctor will determine the effect of hair removal and arrange the time and scope of the next hair removal according to the specific conditions, until the hair removal is completely removed.

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Midsummer comes at a glance, what more important than whitening and sun protection is hair removal. After all, bad hair can destroy all the good qualities of your body in a flash. Speaking of hair removal, I have also recommended Solan International to you before, which is a shop mainly doing freezing point hair removal, and their hair removal is currently the best one in the world. I’ve heard of Freezing Point hair removal before, but I’m afraid to try something I haven’t tried before. But I’m still very excited to see Solan International, which someone has shared before. So I surfed the Internet and found customer service to make some learning on it. There’s also a store in Guangzhou, where I happened to be. So I decided to experience it.

The address is easy to be found. Go straight from Exit B of the Sports Center. And go up to the second floor of the shopping mall of Yangcheng International Trade Center. You can see it from the elevator. The environment of the store is very good. It is also very clean and quiet. It doesn’t look like hair removal at all. There are quite a lot of people sitting inside. It seems that their fame is really good! The service agent of the store is very nice. After waiting for 10 minutes, it became my turn to do hair removal.

Because it was the first time I do freezing point hair removal. In fact, I do not very understand the how is this industry. So I am just taken by the staff into the consulting room. Then the consultant talked to me about the hair problem, and used the hair tester to test my hair. Although it was a little thick, it was amazing to see my hair through the tester.

Laser hair removal can achieve permanent purpose. However, not everyone is suitable for this treatment. There are four types of people are not suitable for laser hair removal: 1. one who has skin lesions or skin tumors. 2. One who are under oral photosensitive drugs; 3. pregnant women; 4. One’s skin who is just under exposure in the sun.

The principle of laser hair removal is mainly based on the principle of selective photothermic effect. There are usually abundant melanin in hair follicles and dried hair. When treated with laser, melanin absorbs laser energy and the temperature rises sharply, which results in the destruction of hair follicle tissue and the failure to regenerate hair, thus achieving permanent hair removal. If it is after exposure, the body’s skin pigment is too deep, in laser treatment is easy to cause skin burns.

Doctors warn that there are different for each person’s skin color, water content, hemoglobin content, cuticle thickness and hair characteristics, so the laser program is different. For example, people with white skin can use high energy density model, so, professional doctors and technicians, will tailor-made hair removal program. If the energy density is too high, it will cause skin burns, erosion and even scar formation.

In addition, some advertisements often said “experience painless laser hair removal with 99 yuan” and other propaganda. In fact, it also hides something we do not know. Doctors from the industry revealed that laser hair removal is generally accompanied by a certain degree of pain. So-called “painless” only take a very low energy mode to do hair removal, actually it cannot achieve permanent removal effect.

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