Technology is taking part in everyday working routines. Now we see that half of our tasks are going to be done by technology. Here technology means tech gadgets like robots and smart assistants. Similarly, technology is going to launch a smart home where virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri would do everything. Such type of home automation is developing worldwide, and it is suspected that within a few years it would be in reach to all of us. 

At its initial state, it might be expensive due to the usage of heavy machinery. But by that time its prices would have gone down. However, it was just a background for today’s topic. It is about flaws or things that should also be covered by Artificial intelligence. So here we go with it;

Cleaning and maintenance 

Cleaning and maintenance are the fundamental requirements of every home. Home smells like a gutter if it is not cleaned correctly. However, the market is stuffed with smart robot mops and other few products. But they could do only dusting and wet cleaning on the floor. The deep cleaning and gutter cleaning is still an issue. Humans consider it a task below the belt to do. Therefore AI must have some robust solutions for this problem.

Security and safety 

Security and safety is the need of the hour. No one would like to risk his or her life and property. Therefore, even in the state of peace, you need to secure your home as well as yourself. But the smart homes still don’t have control over home locks and cameras. Therefore it could be riskier even when you have paid lakhs of dollars for that intelligent home. Furthermore, if you have any issues regarding your locks, you can reach out to locksmith Cardiff.

Air filtration and noise reduction

The third essential thing is the inhalation of fresh air. Nowadays, pollution is increasing with a considerable ratio, and we are unable to control it. Therefore in the future people would be expecting air purification by artificial intelligence so that they can breathe peacefully. Another requirement from AI is noise reduction. Even in high buildings, zero sound is still impossible. So when you are tired, and you want to sleep calmly, you would expect to get silence. Therefore it is also a flaw in smart homes.


In recent years, human beings have been dreaming about having wings. But nowadays we have aeroplanes. Many other innovations are increasing the comfort of human beings. Smart homes would make a tremendous change in the future. However, flaws always remained in every innovation. So keep knowledge of every upcoming tech revolution.

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