Swiss Rapper Faustbatal is beginning to emerge as a rising star on the hip hop scene with his single ‘Enemies,’ attracting more than a million views. The track and video featuring famous Albanian artist S4MM, has gained the rapper followers and fans worldwide. Following suit is another single ‘Scheinen’ which too has amassed popularity.

A successful businessman and musician, Kevin Rahman, aka Faustbatal recorded his first song at the age of 16 in collaboration with the well-known German rapper, Eko Fresh. This song marked his foray in the music industry, followed by performing opening acts for various renowned artists until the age of 20. Signed on by the independent label, Camouflage Music Switzerland, Faustbatal is one of the most-streamed rappers in Switzerland since 2018. In 2019 he became popular on the online streaming service, Spotify. His role models included N.W.A, Mobb Deep, and Biggie Smalls.

He also made headlines in his hometown, Basel, Switzerland as an entrepreneur of medical cannabis. Called ‘Hemp Counter,’ it’s the first cannabis store in Switzerland selling THC free hemp over the counter. He also started a courier service under the name ‘Cannabis Express’ to deliver orders to the clients directly.

Apart from the hit tracks ‘Enemies’ and ‘Scheinen,’ Faustbatal has released a few more singles such as ‘Weit Weg,’ ‘Swiss Francs,’ ‘Lek Mode,’ ‘Villa’ and ‘Bye’ which can be streamed on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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