The Spazmatics are an 80’s cover band created by four extremely talented gentlemen whom play a mixture between electronica and 80’s new wave/rock music.

spaz101From their totally rad light-up shoes to the specially made Nintendo game counsel synthesizer, they sure know how to entertain and take you back to the wonderful era of the rockin’ eighties. The band consists of members Kevin Stigwood, Curtis Stigwood, Sidney Baderman and Rusty A. Woosmeir.

They formed the band The Spazmatics when Kevin Stigwood was teaching a class and lost a debate to a student regarding “String Theory” who then in turn proposed Mr. Stigwood to play “She Blinded Me With Science” at an upcoming basketball game. Enlisting the musical backgrounds of fellow teachers and his brother Curtis the band The Spazmatics was formed in 1983.

The Spazmatics are always dressed in their nerdy attire which takes you back to old school being the misfits who were shoved into their lockers just trying to make their straight A’s. This allows them to become more endearing and relatable especially to the older crowds who have their teen angst throughout the eighties. They played favorites of Eddie Money, Wham!, Cyndi Lauper, Katrina and the Waves as well as Wilson Pickett.

spaz71We had the pleasure of sitting in on The Spazmatics playing a high school reunion for Fairview High School class of 1971. They kept the night moving along with interactive games of “Guess the Mickey’s” as well as brought up on stage the “Happy Hour Girls” to be cheerleaders while they played the song “Mickey” by Toni Basil. They travel all across the United States hailing from Los Angeles, California and hit major cities including Dallas, Austin and our beautiful hometown of Cleveland, Ohio!

Don’t miss out on another opportunity to see this awesomely tubular band play at a nearby venue.

They will wow you with their specially made synthesizer which connects to a Nintendo gaming counsel and lights up while being played as well as their individually lit up sneaks and horn-rimmed glasses with the tape around the middle to hold them together! Every age group can relate to this eighties new wave cover band and have a blast while singing and dancing along with them!


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