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Sports Betting: Detailed Schedule Of The 2019-20 EPL Fixtures

It has now become much easier and more convenient to track the results of the EPL fixtures thanks to the sports statistics site. The upcoming 2019-20 season promises to be really rich in events and interesting, because we will witness a tense struggle not only for the champion title, but also for other positions in the standings.

Liverpool and Manchester City can surely be called the main contenders for the English Premier League crown.

Recently, both teams phenomenally spent the past championship and, as a result, there was only one point separating them in the tournament table. Manchester City became the champion, but Liverpool managed to win the Champions League, their sixth overall.

However, for Klopp’s team, the Premier League is the main goal. Next season they will try to do their best to win the coveted trophy. Its fate often depends exactly on the schedule of the fixtures of EPL. However, even the tough final of the championship didn’t prevent the Citizens to finish at the first position the previous season.

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Both teams are well-equipped, their teamwork is great, and they both have world-class athletes. It is a sure failure to try to make long-term forecasts, it will unlikely justify itself.

The statistics of the teams’ performance can always be found on the fscores site. Here you will find the detailed information on each club and even players. However, despite the fact that there are only 2 obvious contenders for the title, Josep “Pep” Guardiola quite rightly noted that other clubs also cannot be discounted.

However, it is not clear how potential competitors can challenge Liverpool and the City. Here is the list of the teams that will compete for the first place in the standings, but will most likely try to qualify for positions in the top-4:

• Chelsea;

• Tottenham;

• Arsenal;

• Manchester United.

The previous season each of these teams critically lacked stability. As a result, they regularly combined winning streaks with complete failures. You can easily find the statistics of each particular match on the fscores pages.

The upcoming season promises to please the fans with intrigue on all fronts, as well as the tense struggle to the very last rounds. It has now become much more convenient to watch its development thanks to the progressive resource. The absence of passable matches and great lineups of almost every team make the English Premier League interesting even for the neutral fans.

This is its special feature. You can keep abreast of the latest news simply by visiting the reliable sports resource.

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