By Paul Gladstone

If there’s one team that had a great 2017, it’s the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Recently, a crowd of 18,000 witnessed NHL history as the Las Vegas Golden Knights dismantled the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Golden Knights are essentially a group of players that were rejected by other clubs, but now they leading the Western Conference Division. Who knows what 2018 has in store for them? And what kind of wins you could be looking at by placing a few bets on them?

Although this is their first season in the NHL, the newly founded Las Vegas team have taken the Western Conference by storm, and they entered the New Year on the back of 7-game win streak.

In fact, the Golden Knights’ winning streak is the longest in NHL history for a team in its inaugural season.The expansion team has earned at least one point in 12 straight games by going 9-0-1 during that stretch. It’s the longest point streak for a team in its inaugural season, comfortably beating the record of nine games in a row, which was set by the 1993-94 Florida Panthers.

They’re playing so well, there’s even been talk of a Stanley Cup Final spot, although that may just b some overly optimistic fans. However far they go, the team from Vegas is definitely one of the sporting stories of the year. No-one expected them to even sell-out games, never mind win 7 in a row.

If you’re looking for a particular player to place a bet on, then you might want to keep a close eye on William Karlsson. The young Swede has had a mixed NHL career until this season, but last night he was on fire, netting a hat-trick in the 6-3 victory. It’s the first hat-trick scored by a Golden Knights’ player in the team’s history… and it won’t be the last.

Betting on Ice Hockey

There’s still a long way to go in the season, but now would be a good time to start betting on the upcoming games. With such a gruelling fixture list, ice hockey betting can sometimes be a bit tricky. It’s inevitable that teams and players will run out of steam eventually and underperform, so it’s not always easy to predict a winner.

However, the Golden Knights are on a seven-game win streak and one of the highest scoring teams in the NHL. It may well be worth taking a gamble and backing them for the next few games. Their odds of winning the Western Conference Division currently stand at 11/1 – well worth a punt. Interestingly, the bookies favorite are the Nashville Predators, with odds of 5/1. The two teams’ last clash definitely had an effect on the current odds being offered – and it’s well worth taking a look.

If you’re really willing to take a risk, then there’s some good odds being offered for Stanley Cup Winner. The Golden Knights currently have odds of 22/1, much higher than the Toronto Maple Leafs with odds of 9/1.

Looking Ahead to the Rest of the Season

We’re just getting to around the halfway point in the season, and fortunes may change. However, if the impossible does happen and the Vegas Golden Knights do get their hands on the Stanley Cup, there’s going to be some very happy punters out there.

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