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Violent. Fast. Brutal. and physical. There is little rom for error in the non-forgiving National Football League, as players are faster, stronger and more violent that at any point in the sports concussion-filled history. Thanks to it’s penchant for bone-shattering hits and recent revelations of unchecked concussions by both current and former players, could it be time for the NFL to look into possible human growth hormone abuse by it’s own? Human growth hormone or HGH for short is a set of drugs designed to give an athlete an unfair advantage, whether it is increased strength, speed, power or even as a way to treat pain, the spectre of HGH abuse in a sport as violent and macho as the NFL is very realistic. At no point in it’s history that football players have displayed the type of speed and power now present in America’s unofficial national pastime. While seeing quarterbacks pass for over 5,000 yards, wide receivers go for 1,000-plus years and defensive players able to run a 4.3 during a live game is sure to raise some eye brows. Players such as the late Cleveland Browns Lyle Alzado to the current such as recently retired Super Bowl champion quarterback in Peyton Manning have been linked to HGH and steroid abuse. And with the current climate of drugs and steroids abuse on the rise in the NFL, it is time for the NFL to address and correct it’s deepest and darkest secret. One such option to seek and gain a better understanding of possible HGH abuse is thru Wellness MGT, a hormone therapy site for men and women that helps one get healthy and stronger. Per the website, some of the services offered by Wellness MGT involve weight loss and hormone replacement threapy, it wouldn’t come as a shock that some NFL players may have already used their services. While the upcoming NFL Draft in Philadelphia is less than 50 days away and the start of training camps is right around the corner, don’t be surprised to keep an eye on HGH and performance-enhancing drug abuse—as well as future suspensions—to only increase in 2017.

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