It’s that time again. The FIFA World Cup has been missing from our lives for a long four years, but this summer it’s back in full swing. The teams have been battling it out this past year, and the qualifiers have been chosen, with the first game between Russia and Saudi Arabia is set to kick off in June.

All that’s left is to prep for the big tournament so that you and your friends can make the most of it:

Get in the Know

Being in the know can help you feel more connected to the game. That’s because when you know the latest news regarding the world cup from, you also learn what to watch out for. Is someone recovering from an injury?

Is there bad blood between two players? The more you know about the game, the better you will enjoy watching it.

Having this extra information will also help you make better betting decisions if that is what you are interested in, or, at the very least, make you the voice of authority amongst your friends.


Get Tickets

There is still time to get tickets to the world cup. The last batch of tickets will be released on April 18th and come on a first-come, first-serve basis. That means that once they are released on the 18th, you have a very good chance of snagging yourself some tickets from the FIFA webpage.

From there, all that’s left is to book tickets to Russia and to find some accommodation.

You will want to book the accommodation as soon as you get the tickets, as not only can places fill up fast they can also get very expensive. Flights, of course, are different. Try to book your flight six weeks before you travel to get the best deals. It’s also advisable to choose more popular routes and price comparison sites so that not only do you book at the right time, you book for the cheapest days as well.

Book The Necessary Time Off

Whether you have tickets to the world cup or not, you will likely want to book important game days off. Not every game, after all, occurs after work. The first England match, for instance, might be after work the first day and the second one occurs on a Sunday, but not all matches are so convenient.

Taking this day off in advance can help your employer better prepare for your absence, and using your vacation time can mean you can enjoy the game without worrying about your job.

You are allowed to enjoy the sport that you love, and you are allowed to take off time specifically to enjoy it even more. If you manage to snag tickets to the World Cup, then you can make an even better time of it and visit Russia to see the match.

The summer months are perfect for travel, but combining it with your love of football can make it even more special. If you can’t make it to the matches themselves, plan in advance so that you can enjoy the games that occur during work hours, and otherwise just plan with your mates so that you can all enjoy the games together.

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