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Stingray Skin Wallet: Why It Is A Must-Have for a Stylish Man

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There is a multitude of men’s wallets made of genuine leather. A practical and high-quality product will serve you for many years. However, if you want to get an attractive item that will emphasize your status, then there is no better option than a stingray skin wallet.

Stingray products are very sturdy and, in comparison with crocodile leather, have a more affordable price. Stingrays are poisonous species. The larger a stingray is, the more troubles its bite will cause. For this reason, the extraction and processing of stingray skin is an extremely venturous business. However, this does not mean that you will have to break a bank to get a stingray wallet. There are vendors that are able to surprise you. For instance, the Bikerringshop goes to great length to make its products affordable.

Why Purchase a Stingray Wallet?

Stingray skin is incredibly durable. It is a fireproof and waterproof material that has been used by people for hundreds of years. In medieval Japan, samurai wore armor made from stingray skin, and the hilts of their swords – katanas – were wrapped with stingray skin.


Stingray leather has a fantastic texture and beauty. Its uniqueness is emphasized by the bone remnant from the dorsal fin, which resembles a canvas decorated with pears. The largest “pearl” is always in the center of skin, and it determines the age of the animal. The skin is covered with hundreds of small bumps that shine in the light like small beads. It creates the so-called “black caviar” effect.

How to Pick a Genuine Stingray Product?

The “quality sign” of accessories made of the stingray is an elongated silver oval. This is a trace of a dorsal fin. The absence of this mark doesn’t imply a fake because there is only one such spot for the whole giant stingray pelt. You can often see such a silvery mark on the front side of a stingray leather men’s wallet.

All exotic leather wallets are hand-crafted. This guarantees the highest quality and offbeat appearance. You should know that there are no two identical stingray skins. Their bumpy patterns are unique, just like our fingerprints. Therefore, each wallet is one of a kind.

By the way, you can easily distinguish a wallet made of genuine leather from a fake. All the “pearls” are different in size, irregular in shape and they fit tightly to each other. Knock-offs, on the other hand, carry repeated patterns, which are simply impossible in nature.

There are three types of treatment for stingray skin:

  • classic (it fully preserves the original look of the skin),
  • full polishing (all the bumps are removed and the skin is thoroughly polished);
  • special treatment (only the upper, the thinnest layer of skin is cut off).

All these methods require long processing and great delicacy but the result is totally worth it.

Stingray products are easy to maintain. You don’t need any special creams or waxes to preserve its beautiful look. All you need to do is wipe the surface with a cotton cloth. A stingray leather men’s wallet is not afraid of water. After all, it is made of a sea creature!

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