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What could be the reason when you’re compelled to think ‘I should sell my settlement payments’? Money and finance are some of the basic pillars of life. It’s easy to settle loans with a strong financial foundation, pay off bills, or ease off any pressing debt or obligation and emergency. The structured settlement helps people offer a solution to their financial issues, helping them move forward. 

But of course, making the decision to sell annuity payments from a structured settlement is a big one. The biggest break on this decision is when you cash out a settlement; you sell off your rights to future payments.


  • Recurring payments and incomes are always better than a one-time heavy payment because they will protect you from making poor financial decisions and ending up in a loss. But then there are times when there is no other alternative but to meet your financial needs immediately, which demand heavy payments. 


  • When you’ve finally decided to sell, also decide how much you wish to sell. Just remember, when you sell something in parts, you will always have something to sell in the future. So sell only the number of payments that you absolutely must to meet your immediate financial need.


  • When you sell your structured settlement, you are not taking any loan against it. Since the statement ‘structured settlement loan’ is a myth. When you cash out a settlement, you are not getting a loan against it; the structured settlement buyers purchase your settlements and give you the payment in return.


  • When the buying servicing company goes out of business or presumably bankrupt, you can lose your unsold payments. Therefore ensure that you have a separate servicer and that the company buying your payments pays any applicable fees.


It’s important to check facts and details before proceeding with the payment drives. You can’t just change your mind a few days after getting the money and getting your payments back. You can stop the sale any time before court approval. But once the payments have been transferred to the purchaser, that is the end.

Procedure To Sell Your Structured Settlement:

Make The Decision To Sell: Now that you’ve decided, just wait for the confirmation from the judge to confirm it shortly. 

Contact Reputable Companies: Trusted and reputable companies work very well with a structured settlement. Keeping your best interests in mind, they are comfortably experienced in completing the court-ordered transfer process.

Beginning The Sale Process: When you submit the paperwork, which includes annuity policy, settlement agreement, or benefit’s letter, the documents are confirmed and verified for the same. 

The Legal Proceedings: After the documents are fully returned and signed, a local attorney files them with the court, and after that, the court will schedule a hearing. In the court, you will be required to justify why the money is needed, and you should be in a position to show that you are not putting your’s and your family’s financial future in jeopardy.


When you get your money after approving the transaction, the order is sent over to the insurance company to wire funds. 


Structured settlements are great options for many different cases, such as personal injury lawsuits, mass torts, and more. They often help speed up the conclusion of a lawsuit. In addition, a structured settlement provides stable life-long income with built-in budgeting and minimal taxations. Assets are always a go-to option when you are facing a financial crunch.

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  1. This isn’t about structured settlements. This is about the bandits that buy them for pennies on the dollar. Somewhere between payday lenders and grave robbers.

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