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Style: 4 Popular Hair Trends For Fall 2020

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The average woman changes her hairstyle around 150 times in her lifetime, so you may be looking for some inspiration for a new cut or color. You may be striving for beachy waves like your friends with natural curls, or you may prefer a poker straight look. Check out some of the popular hair trends for the remainder of 2020.

Bold Bangs

Much like our favorite new girl Zooey Deschanel, bangs are cute and quirky with a touch of class. Big, bold bangs are in for Fall 2020, and will complement any hairstyle. Long, wispy bangs (also known in some circles as a fringe) will look great with longer hair, while a short bob is complemented with blunt, short bangs. Make sure your hairdresser trims them when they start to grow, as they could become uneven.

Claw Clip Hairstyles

The average woman’s haircut can cost around $44, so you may decide to let your hair grow a little longer for a while. However, styling it in the mornings may become a little more difficult and time consuming. Claw clips are making a comeback in 2020, so grab yours and get twisting. You can twist your long hair up and double it back down, holding it in place with your clip. You can hold any stray hairs back with smaller clips to create a tighter look. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and will soon become an essential in your handbag.

Experiment With Hair Color

Rich brown shades are set to become popular, according to Cosmopolitan, as are honey-blonde highlights. The silver-blonde hair trend is still very popular, as is lilac tinted hair. You can always remove your hair dye if you decide to go back to your natural shade or want to change color again. Since around 48% of people use hair dye at least five times per year according to a 2013 study, it is likely that you may want to experiment until you find the color you like.

Classic Collarbone Cut

Some women’s hair is very heavy or challenging to style, which makes it more difficult to keep it long. However, you may also be reluctant to cut it too short. The collarbone cut is great for those who don’t want to go past the jawline, and can be easily worn up or down. Wear it half up to frame your face, or add some volume with layers if you have a finer hair type. This simple style can be cut with blunt ends, and sits easily on the shoulders. Alternatively, a collarbone style with wispy, texturized ends creates a softer look.

There is a style trend to suit everyone this year, including the classic shag cut, the short, blunt bob and the pixie cut. Deep, chocolate brown shades are on-trend for those who want a classic color. Dip-dye ends are still popular for those who are looking for something more adventurous. Ask your hairdresser to determine which cuts would best suit your face shape, and get experimenting with styles and color.


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