By Shawn Stevenson

So, it’s a party scene tonight and your crush is also going to be there! Wait, breathe, you need to look awesome and perfect for him!

Though, this can be the toughest challenge for you if you are over-weighted. But this does not mean that you cannot look fabulous or beautiful, you just need to know a few things and of course a healthy dose of confidence and there you are, looking stylish.

To look good, you need not have a number of clothing tags, what holds most importance is your dressing style. Let’s explore some fashion tips for overweight women for wearing clothes and make the most of your curves.

Wear Your Best Undergarments: The first and foremost important thing that all bulky girls need to know is that they must wear their best undergarments. With best, we mean well-fitting under layers and under garments. Providing a good foundation over your skin will help you look good.

On the contrary, a flimsy undergarment can make you uncomfortable and will not give you the best look. So, try looking for under garments that are neither too small nor large, they should be able to give you a good fit.

Hide Certain Areas of Your Body: When you wear the right colors, cuts and patterns, they keep people’s eyes away from your figure and physique. For overweight girls, dark colors can hide your fatness. Also, wearing a belt over the waist can help. If you do not like your bottom half, you should try wearing dark pants with a combination of light colored top.

Additionally, you must never wear bigger patterns, they make you look bigger, while the small and cute patterns and prints make you look slimmer. Knowing what colors make you look good can also help your skin tone, buying colors that do not suit you, may make you look washed out, and sallow.

Wear the Right Accessories: Well, a good dress may be a need, but wearing the right accessories can enhance your beauty. Obese ladies, you must never wear large and bold type of jewelries, they make you look wider and fatter. However, small ear-rings and pendants may make you look decent and elegant.

Bangles on your plump wrists can make you look cool and fashionable.

But when it comes to carrying bags, you need to carry a big one. A big hand bag can hide your body while smaller ones can look tiny next to you. Coming towards the bottom area, good boots such as ‘equestrian style’ can cause illusion of a slim calf.

Never underestimate yourself, all of us can look good. We just need to know some important tips. With these tips in mind, we really hope you will be able to look beautiful and stylish and melt many hearts! S