Penthouse in Dallas. Favorite muscle car. An entrepreneur who works only a few hours per week. The name behind multiple YouTube channels with 3 million subscribers and over 400 million views.


And he never has to show his face on camera.


Meet Caleb Boxx, the man behind YouTube Automation


Not so long ago, Caleb Boxx (@calebboxx) had only $200 in his pocket, had just dropped out of high school, and quit his job. He had the drive to do one thing: create a stable income for himself and find freedom from both the need to pay an exuberant amount for college and the typical 9-5 job. He connected with a YouTuber who had a million subscribers at the time, and through him, learned the ins and outs of YouTube. Because of Caleb’s work ethic, the YouTuber connected Caleb with a group of other YouTubers, and together they broked down the algorithms and founded something called YouTube Automation.


YouTube Automation is when the leader or CEO of a YouTube channel – Caleb –  hires freelancers and content creators to put together content for that channel. The thing is, by hiring freelancers and paying them a flat rate, it is cheaper than hiring salaried employees. Caleb says that “It’s simply outsourcing and automating the process of making YouTube videos so that you can still benefit from YouTube revenue without being the actual content creator (and the) goal is to just post the content the same time you normally post the content so people know when to expect a post.”


Caleb has always been driven to find success, no matter what. As a young child, he was already coming up with business models, and at eleven, he turned a profit by creating a MineCraft server. What does he say about success? Well, he doesn’t believe in giving only a small amount – he believes in giving his all and to tunnel focus. He says about tunnel focusing that “People normally build several businesses at once instead of nailing one down first. This will slow the process down for success. Tunnel focusing on one business and trying to master it is key to get quicker results.”


Caleb says that perfection is a bad strategy because you’ll never make it. Instead, he says it’s best to hone your craft and to constantly improve, learning from failures. He reminds people that thee are both lows and highs within life. A low season is temporary, and that each success requires a low point. Caleb says “For me, I’ve learned to just know that there will always be ups and downs every season. One season you can be making $50k a month the next you could hit rock bottom and lose it all. But knowing and understanding that you won’t stay there if you put the effort and work in, network with people that you need to network with, that is what it is about.”


These work habits to build success applies to everything – not just YouTube. Even Caleb says that if YouTube weren’t around, he “would still find a way to be successful because it’s just my nature…I think I would find any avenue I could go into and be the best at it.”


Clearly, Caleb Boxx is always pivoted towards success and intends to stay that way, even with the inevitable low seasons.

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