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There are haters and then there are hate-watchers, who are a segment of fans who hate a certain team, but still watch them anyway, in hopes of seeing them lose. Sadly, this group of bitter fans didn’t see their greatest wish in seeing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lose in Super Bowl LI. Make no mistake, there are just certain teams and individuals that cause such an epidemic of hate-watching such as the Duke Blue Devils and Mike Krzyzewski, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, LeBron James and the “Big Three” era Miami Heat, the Derek Jeter-era New York Yankees, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots invites a special kind of hate entirely. While all the above teams are associated with winning and inviting a certain kind of hate-watching envy and jealousy, win or lose, the open and vile hatred for the Patriots is reserved for a special level in the deepest, darkest places of sports fan hell. Spygate. Deflategate. We all know the drama and history behind it, yet regardless of  whenever the Patriots when, it invites a special kind of suspicion and fan conspiracy theories worthy of the History Channel. Everything from non-New England fans calling the NFL “fixed”, the National Fixed League, that Goodell is in Kraft’s pocket to memes—with inconclusive evidence by the way—of White’s knee being down before the game-winning touchdown, the sight of seeing the uber-handsome Ugg-wearing Brady with his beautiful Victoria Secret’s wife in Gisele Bundchen hoist ANOTHER Lombardi is so hard to swallow. My question to these questionably-sane haters is this, did the Patriots—and in some cases, the NFL—rig the game to let the Falcons race out to a 28-3 lead in the third quarter, and somehow body-snatch—soon-to-be San Francisco 49ers head coach in Falcons offensive coordinator—in Kyle Shanahan to call three passing plays inside the red zone, when all Atlanta needed was a field goal? Did the Patriots force the Falcons to completely abandon the run by running it five times, after being up by 25? Did the Patriots cheat in sacking Ryan, forcing a fumble when down 28-12? Did they “cheat” in forcing the Falcons to go backwards on a blatant hold on defensive end Chris Long by Falcons left tackle Jake Matthews when up 28-20? Did they somehow cheat in running forty-plus more plays than the Falcons, were they the ones that rigged them to stay on the field for 41 minutes and run out of gas late and committing bone-heading penalties? No offense, but these type of bone-headed moronic “fans” need to have their proverbial sports fan card revoked, as this type of petty and childish hate—from grown-ass adults none the less, is simply embarrassing. Bottom line is that Atlanta CHOKED. Period. Collapse, pulled a Golden State, imploded and ultimately broke Atlanta’s spirit worse than General Sherman did in the Civil War. Anyone else refusing to admit the obvious, need to go seek help immediately. For some, they’d rather take a cyanide pill and be water boarded before admitting—and accepting—that he is the greatest QB ever. Period. Rival fans and haters have no problem in pointing out Brady’s two Super Bowl losses to Eli Manning with glee, but outside of the New England region, there is a STRONG amount of Brady-Patriots hate-watchers who live in denial of his greatness.
  • 5 Super Bowls (most all-time)
  • 4 Super Bowl MVP’s (most all-time)
  • 24 post-season wins (most all-time)
  • 62 pass attempts (most all-time)
  • 43 completions (most all-time)
  • 466 passing yards (most all-time)
  • 3 Super Bowl fourth quarter comebacks (first ever)
  • 10 game-winning drives in the postseason (most all-time)
And that is just in the postseason. The scary part is that thanks to how he takes care of himself and the “Patriot Way”, it would not shock me if he wins another two or even three more Super Bowls. Yet, haters are going to hate and hate-watchers are going to keep watching, in hopes of seeing Brady lose, and bring up Joe Montana’s perfect mark of 4-0 in Super Bowls and Brady’s two losses. Sadly, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Yes, Brady and the Patriots may have never been able to slay their Big Blue nemesis the same way that Wilt Chamberlain could never beat Bill Russell, but in the end, if that is their only blemish, both Brady and Chamberlain are still golden. Sadly, for all of the hate-watchers hoping for another Brady beatdown and Patriots train wreck in the form of a loss, were sorely disappointed, and have predictably gone into hiding and going back to rooting for their REAL team. In the case of the Patriots, they don’t care of you love them, hate them, but they do what they always do. Shake it off by winning.

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