T-mobile is one of the best carriers of the United States of America and they kept plans for every citizen including the seniors. In our society, day by day we are focusing on young persons, as a result sometimes the senior citizens mistreated. To account for this issue T-mobile has brought lucrative senior plans. Great, isn’t it?

Conditions to avail the plans

To avail these lucrative T-mobile senior plans, the aged persons’ age should be above 55.

What are the good features of the T-mobile Senior Plans?

4 Available Plans: Great Variability

There are four available plans for the seniors named as Essentials  Unlimited 55; Magenta Unlimited 55; T-mobile Essentials; T-mobile Magenta. These T-mobile plans for seniors have variability in connection speed, international roaming facility, hotspot data features, and prices. So, it is expected that any of the plans will meet your requirements.

Low Monthly Costs

T-mobile senior plans will save some bucks for the seniors. These plans are so made, if two lines are taken, the discount rate will be higher. For example, I can mention for the ‘Essentials Unlimited 55’ plan you need to spend $40/month for one connection whereas if you take two connections the cost down to $50 instead of $40×2.

International Texting and Internet Feature

Based on the plans, you may have texting only or 2G data speed and texting opportunity to international numbers and international usage. This feature is great when you have some kith and kins in other countries or you love to travel around the globe.

Option for Canada/Mexico

T-mobile senior plans come with 2GB 2G or 5GB LTE speed data for Canada and Mexico. This is great when you want to travel to Canada or Mexico.

Hidden Fees and Taxes

The inclusion of taxes and fees in the plan depends upon which plan you are choosing. In the case of Essentials  Unlimited 55 and  T-mobile Essentials plan taxes and fees are not included whereas for Magenta Unlimited 55 and T-mobile Magenta plan taxes and fees are included in the plan price.

What is the worst part of the T-mobile Senior Plans?

Everything has pros and cons and obviously T-mobile senior plans are not an exception. Although not significant enough but there are some cons I should share with you before you jump in to buy those plans:

Low-Speed data

As the per month data price goes down, the data speed significantly goes down. For example, for ‘Essentials Unlimited 55’ plan it costs only $55/month for two connection but in Canada/Mexico the data speed will be 2G. This is not a fair deal while we are entering into the 5G arena.

International 2G Data Speed

All plans do not have international data included. International data included in Magenta Unlimited 55 and T-mobile Magenta plans. Still, the speed is 2G. This isn’t good.

Judging the all pros and cons, I conclude that, plans are good


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