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Woman Crush Wednesday: Bryce Dallas Howard At Forefront of ‘Jurassic World’ Stampede

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, in the case of Bryce Dallas Howard, hers are that of an angel. The daughter of famed director Ron Howard, who was born in Dallas, Texas—hence her middle name—the 34-year-old Golden Globe-nominated Howard is one of Hollywood’s most respected and gifted actresses. Thanks to appearing in films such as The Village, Lady In The Water, Spider Man 3, The
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Movie Preview: Jurassic World Looks To Devour It’s Competitors At The Box Office

Twenty-two years have passed since the debacle on Isla Nublar, and now the brainchild of John Hammond has been fully realized. Welcome everybody, to Jurassic World...the park is open. People flock from all over to marvel at the wonders, that the luxury resort and theme park have provided for their entertainment. Two of these guests, just happen to be the young nephews of the park operations manager, Claire Dearing. The main attraction of course