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A Clinic In The First Round, The Best For Last In Final Round For Cespedes To Win The Home Run Derby

Yoenis Cespedes has struggled in his second season with the Oakland Athletics, yet still got invited to participate in the 2013 Home Run Derby and the selection by New York Yankees second basemen Robinson Cano couldn't have gone better and more importantly he averaged the longest home runs of any of the participants at 407.9 feet. During the first round he blasted 17 home runs (third most in derby history
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Examining Chris Davis – Not Out of the Blue

  Before we drool anymore over Chris Davis' incredible first half for the Baltimore Orioles – before we ask 20 more times, seriously, where did this come from? – let's go back and look at the trends, and realize that this isn't a total shock. Sure, his numbers through 75 games are eye-popping: .336 average, league-leading 27 home runs, 70 RBI, league-leading .719 slugging percentage, 1.132 OPS and 197 total
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MLB 2013: Orioles First Basemen Chris Davis Continues His Tear

When the topic of best power hitters in MLB gets brought up, many fans will bring up  the names of Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano and Prince Fielder. Yet neither of those players aren't currently leading the majors in home runs. Baltimore Orioles first basemen Chris Davis is with 15 and he's also driven in 44 runs. He was a top prospect for the Texas Rangers and was acquired in late July in 2011. During the 2012 season he hit