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A Clinic In The First Round, The Best For Last In Final Round For Cespedes To Win The Home Run Derby

Yoenis Cespedes has struggled in his second season with the Oakland Athletics, yet still got invited to participate in the 2013 Home Run Derby and the selection by New York Yankees second basemen Robinson Cano couldn't have gone better and more importantly he averaged the longest home runs of any of the participants at 407.9 feet. During the first round he blasted 17 home runs (third most in derby history
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MLB : Braves 1B Freddie Freeman Leads List Of Most Underrated Players

As baseball's All-Star break approaches, MLB fans will soon get a glimpse of the game's most recognizable stars, as voted on by the fans themselves. It's a popularity contest, so the players on display are the players that everyone knows, either by media exposure or word of mouth. But what about the “other guys?” The unsung heroes that fly under the radar? Below, I will assess each team's most underrated