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BREAKING NEWS – DraftKings and FanDuel Get Stay from Appellate Court In New York

BREAKING NEWS: A New York appellate court on Friday ruled to allow beleaguered daily fantasy sports company DraftKings to continue operating in New York just hours after a state court judge had granted a preliminary injunction sought by the New York attorney general to shutter DraftKings and its competitor FanDuel. The New York Supreme Court Appellate Division granted DraftKings Inc. an immediate stay of the preliminary injunction issued Friday morning,
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DraftKings And FanDuel Are Temporarily Blocked In New York

BREAKING NEWS!!! A New York state judge on Friday granted a request from the New York attorney general to temporarily shutter DraftKings and FanDuel in the state, handing a devastating blow to the fast-growing but controversial daily fantasy sports industry. New York Judge Manuel J. Mendez granted preliminary injunctions sought by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, ruling that daily fantasy sports, or DFS, contests offered by DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel
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The Spectator – Does Daily Fantasy Sports Violate Federal PASPA Law?

Nevada is in a unique position to regulate DFS because it is the only state in the country that is authorized under federal law to regulate sports wagering in its casinos. Visitors to Nevada can place wagers on single games in every major sporting event, parlay wagers on multiple games, and proposition bets on individual performances in games (e.g., who will score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl). Given
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The Spectator: Has Eric Schneiderman Crossed A Fine Line?

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman shocked the daily fantasy sports industry last week, hitting its two biggest operators with cease-and-desist letters demanding they immediately stop taking wagers from New York residents and deeming their businesses to be illegal gambling operations under state law. With Schneiderman's bold move made, it has forced DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc. into the proverbial corner where they are now fighting to defend the legality of
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Eric Schneiderman: DFS vs. Real Life Joy of Athletics

Big-time sports, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, have gone far beyond the sheer joy of athletics. International soccer is now mired in corruption. The Olympics is tainted by the latest doping scandal, this time in Russia. The US Supreme Court may decide if New Jersey can sponsor online sports betting. And the football team at the University of Missouri used the threat of a boycott – and lost revenue –
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The DFS Debate: Is It Skill or Is It Luck???

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) contest providers like Boston-based DraftKings and New York City-based FanDuel are in big trouble. First, you have the regulators in states like Nevada and New York that have recently ordered them to cease and desist's operating in their states. (Nevada saying they need a gambling license to operate in the state, and New York via Attorney General Eric Schneiderman). In order to try to stem the political tide,
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DFS: Thanks To Rep. Frank Pallone, A New Threat Emerges

As the daily fantasy industry deals with various and assorted attacks on its business model, a new threat has emerged. And this one could pull the NFL directly into the middle of the burgeoning mess. Fresh off the press from TheHill.com, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) has asked FanDuel and DraftKings to identify all  “players, coaches, referees, training personnel and team staff and owners” who have used either website within the last year. For
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DraftKings & FanDuel: It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Nevada DFS Shutdown

You had to see this coming, you just had to. After the news broke last week about a DraftKings employee using "inside information" to win $350,000 at rival FanDuel, it seemed that the walls were going to start closing in on Daily Fantasy Sports. Well, it has, and in a big way. DraftKings and FanDuel have had the legality of their business model under reported scrutiny by the Federal Bureau
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The DFS Scandal – What You Need to Know, and What The Future Holds

Well, it was only a matter of time before something this magnitude happened.  As most of you have already heard, since it is being plastered all over every major news site in the U.S.A., a scandal has erupted in the online fantasy sports world involving Boston-based DraftKings, and to a lesser extent, FanDuel. Now, I don't play in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports, also known as DFS, but what
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Business: FanDuel Brings In $275 Million Of Capital, Raises Stakes Higher

New York-based fantasy sports operator Fanduel, Inc. on Tuesday said it has brought in $275 million after closing a round of financing, bringing the company’s total capital to $363 million. The company, which received investments from Google Capital and Time Warner in the oversubscribed round led by KKR, said it plans to use the financing to acquire new customers, introduce new products and build out its management team. Several NFL and NBA team owners also