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Vikings WR Stefon Diggs Exceeding 5th-Round Expectations

Stefon Diggs was an afterthought in Minnesota. He wasn't even a lock to see the field for the Vikings this season. Yet, the rookie wide receiver has become one of the NFL's most pleasant surprises, and doesn't seem to be relinquishing his role any time soon. The Vikings thought that Charles Johnson was going to be one of the breakout stars of the 2015 season. That hasn't been the case,
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DFS: Thanks To Rep. Frank Pallone, A New Threat Emerges

As the daily fantasy industry deals with various and assorted attacks on its business model, a new threat has emerged. And this one could pull the NFL directly into the middle of the burgeoning mess. Fresh off the press from TheHill.com, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) has asked FanDuel and DraftKings to identify all  “players, coaches, referees, training personnel and team staff and owners” who have used either website within the last year. For
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FFL: To Gamble or Not, That is the Fantasy Question

I honestly do not mind getting a group of my friends together and playing some fantasy football with them, creates competition, trash talking, and overall a winner, comprised of anything from lunch bought by the group, or a trophy that is handed over every season. I mean, I may be young, but remember the time when people got together and had a draft board and kept up with their teams
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Daily Fantasy Sports: Fans or Fantasy? The Death of True Fandom

This may just be me, but I am a huge New York Jets fan, crazy enough I am not from New York, it was not something “passed down” to me, yet when I was a kid, I told my parents I liked the team in green. Stuck with it ever since, can I say I am a die-hard fan, not necessarily, but fantasy is not that important to me. Basically
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The DFS Scandal – What You Need to Know, and What The Future Holds

Well, it was only a matter of time before something this magnitude happened.  As most of you have already heard, since it is being plastered all over every major news site in the U.S.A., a scandal has erupted in the online fantasy sports world involving Boston-based DraftKings, and to a lesser extent, FanDuel. Now, I don't play in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports, also known as DFS, but what
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FFL: Why You Must Take A Running Back First

If you have ever listened to the best Fantasy Podcast on the airwaves, Fantasy JAM, hosted by yours truly and the amazing Chad “The Buffalo” Setera, on the Inscriber Digital Media Network and Blog Talk Radio every Thursday night from 7-8:30p est, you have heard us shout until we are blue in the face (or in my case green in the hair) that in the first round you better grab
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FantasyJAM: Gronk-Graham, Dez-Thomas And The Last Of The Black Mamba?

Welcome everyone to our next installment of the Fantasy JAM pregame show, Pre-JAM here on The Inscriber Digital Magazine. This is one of the first multi-platform columns of its kind, as it mixes the power of the pen and web with the power of the podcast. Each week my partner, Chad “The Buffalo” Setera and I will write a Pre-JAM column where we will debate 3 topics. After each of
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Fantasy Football: Raiders QB Derek Carr Heads List Of Top 20 Best Bargain Buys

Whether you are a defending champion or a first-timer, the one thing that makes or breaks fantasy football teams is stocking your team with quality depth players. Whether they are an emergency fill-in at quarterback,a deep sleeper that lights it up for a couple of games, fantasy football is all about matchups, not projections. In my eight-plus years of playing fantasy, I’ve learned that having a core of five players,
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Fantasy Football: Browns’ RB Duke Johnson and WR Taylor Gabriel Among Flex Sleepers To Grab

With fantasy football drafts set to begin in the next couple of months, now is the time for managers and defending FFL champions to begin doing mock drafts, scouting and formulating draft strategies. Depending on your respective league’s scoring and size of your league, all owners will need to grab a couple of guys to stash on a roster due to team byes, injuries and favorable matchups. While all owners
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Fantasy Football: Gronkowski, Witten and Cameron Top Ten TE’s To Grab

With fantasy football set to start up soon, one position that has really gained attention in recent years is tight end. With the New England Patriots claiming their fourth Super Bowl in the last 15 years, one proverbially big reason for that is the Pats patented two-tight end attack featuring Rob Gronkowski. As Tom Brady’s primary weapon, Gronk has single-handily changed how TE’s are used both on the field and