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Kaka or KaKrap? Why The Brazilian Legend Is Overstaying His Welcome In Orlando City

By Mike Sigman Before I even get started on this article, I completely understand that it has only been three games since he has been back, so the team is still jelling and getting their groove back, but KaKa is starting to play out his prime. For example, when Kaka was injured within the first fifteen minutes of the first game of the regular season, the Orlando City Lions received
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MLS: From Disney World Players To Orlando’s Finest, The Rise of OCSC

I am going to start this article off with a couple statistics, and you can guess what I would be talking about from there. A sport team with the second highest average game attendance within the league, doubled the average season ticket holder purchases for the upcoming year, and was quoted to have one the most supporting fan bases in all of sports. Can you guess which sports team, let
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MLS vs Tottenham Spurs Review: Fans Get Their Money’s Worth

What. A. Game. The Denver, Colorado community received their money’s worth, because it was a nail biter until the finish, between the MLS All Stars and the Tottenham Hotspurs of the English Premier League. To get started, every year, around the middle of the season, the MLS creates a somewhat version of an international friendly, and shows the skills of the best players who play for the MLS. The fans