By Mike Sigman

Before I even get started on this article, I completely understand that it has only been three games since he has been back, so the team is still jelling and getting their groove back, but KaKa is starting to play out his prime.

For example, when Kaka was injured within the first fifteen minutes of the first game of the regular season, the Orlando City Lions received major help for off season pick-ups Will Johnson and Matias Perez Garcia.

Once KaKa was subbed off for injury, within five minutes Cyle Larin, otherwise known as Orlando’s Golden Boy, opened his scoring sheet this season. While most fans were extremely nervous about KaKa, the team seemed to rally around the win and worry about the following game.

While Kaka was hurt, Orlando continued to win games, winning five of their first SIX games! Considering their “star player” was injured you would have thought the team would have suffered more than this!

Regardless, the team was meshing and competing for the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

Yet, the return of KaKa, seems to have placed a damper on the team and while they have lost two of the last three matches, by a total of seven goals. While KaKa is the face of the Orlando City Soccer Club, in my honest opinion he is starting to overstay his welcome.

Now hear me out, I understand he has brought THOUSANDS OF FANS and TV opportunities, but if the team continues to lose, because KaKa is being subbed in and creating chances, but only for himself and not capitalizing, then I think it’s time to start changing.

Since KaKa has returned to the Orlando City, three goals were scored, two by KaKa, and one by Cyle Larin. But within the last three games, a total of sixteen shots on goal. Now home games and away games are a big difference maker in the MLS, but not scoring a single goal within the last two away games is unimaginable.

With the goal and win drought approaching the summer, is it time to look at another option for KaKa, should the Lions continue to push through this season and see where KaKa can lead them, or should they stick to their wallets and ride the KaKa train until his time is up?

3 Replies to “Kaka or KaKrap? Why The Brazilian Legend Is Overstaying His Welcome In Orlando City”

  1. Good read Sigman, but I do not believe he should be out. Kaka has put Orlando on the map. If not for him no one would of followed this team in the beginning with any passion. He deserves the opportunity to fit into this team. #Kakafan4Life

  2. Is this real? Why do each of these garbage articles start the same way basically. “Here is my 🔥🔥🔥take. It’s absurd, and I have almost no arguable proof FOR my take. But, WTH, here we go…”

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