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How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work?

Relationships, in general, can be complicated and challenging. And when you add distance to the mix, it gets more complicated and challenging. But this does not mean a long-distance relationship cannot be successful. In fact, many couples can share stories about having great relationships regardless of the distance. So, what are these couples doing, right? Or are they just lucky? There are no guarantees in any relationship. But there are
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Finally Revealed!! Reasons Why Men Leave Relationships

The magnificence of beginning a relationship is regularly so intriguing and breathing life into that one scarcely gives an idea about the chance of a separation or a self-destruct later over the span of the relationship. Like the colloquialism goes "everything that has a start has an end" thus it is with most connections however unquestionably not all. In any case, there are reasons declared to be likely explanations of
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How to Successfully Navigate a Workplace Romance

Love in the modern world can find you in some of the most unexpected places. However, if you think that finding your mate at the office is rare, you may need to think again. According to Approved Index, 65% of all workers report that they have had at least one romance in the workplace. Nearly half of those polled said they had participated in two or more relationships that started
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This Leolist Review Matters If You Want To Win At Love

“Girls just wanna have fun!” Isn’t that how that famous 70s song goes? It’s 2019 and I swear, I still can’t get that groovy rhythm out of my system. My retro music taste aside, the concept of dating has definitely changed over the years. Far from being “conservative,” the process of finding a mate these days is ultrafast and ultra-impersonal. People literally sleep with each other even without knowing each
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How to Make My Girlfriend Want Me More – Become Irresistible and Eliminate the Competition!

If you're asking yourself "how to make my girlfriend want me more" then you may be experiencing some jealousy. Maybe she's acting like she's "not that into you" and you are getting worried that your relationship is heading down the wrong path. Don't despair. Even though you may be feeling confused, desperate and fear that she may break up with you, there are things you can do TODAY to make
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So You’re Getting Married: Tips for Husbands-to-Be

You’ve found the one, popped the question, and she said yes. Much congratulations and celebration are in order. While love is the foundation of this next big step, there are some less romantic things to consider that will allow the two of you to better enjoy the happy moments together. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your wedding day and your life as a married man.
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Dating/Relationships: How To Balance Love and Work In A Marriage

Work (or school, in some cases) can be a real drain on your time and energy. It can be difficult to balance these responsibilities with your marriage. A good marriage does not happen by accident. So, how does one have both a successful career and a wonderful marriage? First and foremost, schedule time for each other. Especially when kids enter the picture, it is easy to let your roles as
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ESPN’s Chris Broussard States Opinion, Highlighting His Own Ignorance

Today ESPN's Chris Broussard made an appearance on the program Outside The Lines, which was covering the story of Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay player in the NBA. Broussard got to state his opinion and unfortunately it's full of ignorance. He equates homosexuality with adultery and premarital sex and then makes another blunder by making this statement "I would not characterize that person as a Christian, I don't think the Bible would characterize them as a Christian."