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How to Budget in an Economic Downturn

The quarantine caused by the coronavirus has set up a murky economic future, to say the least. Regardless of your particular situation, the current crisis requires everyone to budget their finances and prepare for the turbulent financial period of time ahead.  If you’re wondering how you can trim up your budget (or if you don’t even have a budget in the first place), here are some monetary considerations to keep
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How to Remain Sane When Self-Distancing During Coronavirus
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How to Remain Sane When Self-Distancing During Coronavirus

Lately, there’s been no way to escape the ever-changing reports surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. It has impacted millions of people globally and has killed thousands of people in the United States. In order to flatten the curve and reduce exposure, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that people practice “social distancing,” which includes maintaining a distance of 6-feet between you and other people and staying away from crowded
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Summer Projects to Get You Active

Summer is the perfect time to shake off those winter doldrums and get active again. While you can always get involved in a pickup sport or go for a daily run, there are also a lot of physically active summer projects that you can tackle right around your own yard that can help to improve your home.  Here are a few suggestions for common summer projects (roughly listed from simple
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Starting Your Own Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

You don’t need academic success to be an entrepreneur. In fact, when polled, well over half of business owners reported that they didn’t even have a bachelor’s degree, which is music to the ears of any savvy fella’ with a good idea up his sleeve. However, the lack of an education requirement doesn’t mean you should dive into starting a business without a little preparation beforehand. Successful businesses take a
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Vacation 101: How to Unplug Post Holidays

Have you ever had days where your phone won’t stop ringing and the emails won’t stop pouring in? The good news is that you aren’t alone. Sometimes it can seem as though the only way to escape the non-stop communication is to switch your devices off and completely disconnect. This doesn’t have to be wishful thinking as January and February are the perfect time of the year to disconnect and
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6 Strategies for Becoming the Natural Candidate for That Leadership Promotion

When you start a new job, you often bring all of your enthusiasm, hopes, and dreams with you. The right workplace will foster these raw emotions and create opportunities for you to flourish. One of the ways this could happen is through opportunities like promotions that enable you to use your talents and grow.  The reality is that many of your colleagues may also be keen on getting that promotion,
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How to Access Affordable Health Care When You’re Uninsured

As 2019 comes to a close, the U.S. economy has effectively rebounded from the Great Recession, and job opportunities are plentiful. Therefore, you may find it somewhat shocking that the number of Americans without health insurance is on the rise. Vox reports that the total amount of uninsured Americans climbed from 25.6 million in 2017 to 27.5 million the following year. What’s more, 2018’s figures are the country’s first increase
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The Business of Safe Sports Management

Some children want to be firefighters when they grow up. Some want to be teachers, or maybe astronauts. Many even want to work in sports — but don’t necessarily want to be a player on the field. In these cases, kids still have several options for them so they don’t have to give up their dreams — one of those options being sports management. But what exactly does this mean,
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How to Successfully Navigate a Workplace Romance

Love in the modern world can find you in some of the most unexpected places. However, if you think that finding your mate at the office is rare, you may need to think again. According to Approved Index, 65% of all workers report that they have had at least one romance in the workplace. Nearly half of those polled said they had participated in two or more relationships that started
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How Millennials Are Changing the State of Home Ownership

Buying and owning your own home used to be a huge part of the stereotypical American Dream. A big front yard, white picket fence, two-story house — it almost sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, for many millennials, that dream has been forced to change over the years. Millennials just aren’t buying houses the way previous generations did, and there are several reasons why.  In 2016, the homeownership rate