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INSCMagazine’s Women We Want: Lost’s Evangeline Lilly Is Found Again In Ant-Man

Perhaps best known for her role as Kate Austen on ABC’s megahit series Lost, sexy Canadian import Evangeline Lilly reminds us once again of her talents in Marvel’s up-coming new film Ant-Man. The 35-year-old Golden Globe-winning actress, who catapulted to fame in J.J. Abrams drama about a bunch of survivors on a deserted island has also appeared in other films such as The Hurt Locker, Real Steel, has recently endeared
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Kristen Stewart: Why She Should Be In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

If you mention the name Kristen Stewart to people, most will automatically think of Bella Swan from the 'Twilight' franchise, which made her a world-famous actress. But that name might also induce moans and groans of resentment from those who do not consider her to be a serious actress, let alone one worthy of inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, such criticism may be premature and unfair given
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Entertainment: Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up About Playing Dr. Strange

When Benedict Cumberbatch brings the character of Dr. Stephen Strange to the big screen, he will bring the audience on a journey into a world that is different from what they have experienced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To date, Marvel's movies have taken place within the corporeal realm. Even though they may have taken place in different far away worlds, they have existed in the physical realm. In Dr.
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Entertainment: Thanks to Phase 3, Marvel Set To Take Comic Movies To The Next Level

[caption id="attachment_31090" align="aligncenter" width="650"] (Image courtesy of thesnapper.com)[/caption]   Thanks to the success of franchises such as Iron Man, Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and their array of feature films have captivated comic-book fans for the better part of a decade. With their planned Phase III set of movies, will Marvel's big-screen success continue? The original plan within the MCU was to unveil