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David Price: The Best, the Tested, the Only Option for Boston

Baseball history was made when David Price put pen to paper, signing a seven year agreement worth a whopping $217MM. That’s a $31MM average annual salary, officially making Price the highest paid pitcher of all-time. But given the recent emphasis on having an ace atop a rotation, that cost may become the new norm. We’ll see it in action when Greinke eventually signs a deal similar in average annual salary
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MLB Free Agency: Why The Price Is Wrong For Boston

It was so obvious even Stevie Wonder could see it (apparently Ben Charrington couldn’t). The one thing missing from the 2015 Red Sox was an ace. Yes, they had a plan that having five guys who were all 2’s, 3’s and 4’s would mean that an ace was not needed. That plan failed miserably. Rick Porcello was worth nowhere near the money that gave him as an extension, Joe Kelly
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MLB: This Year’s Most Dangerous Starting Pitching Free Agents

Free agency is not as much of a no-brainer as it used to be. The clean cut obvious pickups you’d find sometimes don’t exist because teams can extend the most valuable players and keep them away from free agency. However, every year there are going to be free agents and a lot of them are going to be talented and ready to receive a giant paycheck to set them for